End of Summer Bucket List: 25 Fun Things to do BEFORE School Starts

Here is your end of summer bucket list for kids!

It is almost that time of the year again to start putting away the water wings and sunscreen for backpacks and pencil cases!

The end of summer holidays always seems to come too soon but there is still plenty of time left to do a few more fun summer activities with the kids before they head off back to school!

25 Things to do Before School Starts

Check out this list of fun activities to enjoy to ensure that your little one plenty of fresh memories when they start school! These ideas are the best way to cap your summer!

25 Things to do Before School Starts

Your End of Summer Bucket List

Go to the Beach

End your summer with a splash with a fun day excursion to your local beach. It will feel like a mini vacation!

Your End of Summer Bucket List

Go to the Circus

Nothing says end of summer like the magic of the circus! It’s a wonderful sensory experience for kids and a great family outing!

Go to a Baseball Game

Heading out to see a baseball game is a fantastic way cap off your summer! If you have big kids you can take them to see their first baseball game or you can take little ones to your local baseball diamond to watch a softball game!

Go Camping in your Backyard

Didn’t get to go camping this summer? Try camping out with the kids in your backyard! Check out these posts for tips and ideas on how to make it fun and exciting:

Your End of Summer Bucket List

Go StarGazing

Head outside on a clear summer night with a few blankets and look up at the stars. This is a great activity to do when not in the city or hanging out beside a campfire.

Check out these titles for tips on teaching your little one about the stars and constellations. There are also several apps you can get for your phone that will help you navigate the stars!

Make Carnival Food

Cooking with the kids is always a great way to make special memories. Cap off summer by cooking up a few yummy carnival treats. Here are a few of our favourites:

Have one Last Picnic

There is truly nothing more summery than having a picnic outside! Do a little research for your area and find a fabulous picnic site that every one will enjoy!

Go to the Zoo

Visit your local zoo for one last time and spend a little extra time at all your little one’s favourite animals!

Go Bowling in the Backyard

Create an outdoor bowling alley using pool noodles for one last fun summer activity!

Make a Summer Treat

Cook up a few last summer treats with your little ones such as No-Bake Frozen S’mores or Summer Berry Frozen Desert or No-Bake Watermelon Truffles!

Go Fruit Picking

Head out to your local fruit farm to pick some late harvest fruits and vegetables. It’s a great summer activity to do before school starts!

Make Popsicles

Instead of buying popsicles for the rest of August, make your own! Here are a few of our favourite easy to make popsicle recipes:

Go to a Festival

Visit a local festival! Although school is just around the corner there are still plenty of festivals – music, food and culture – still happening. Check your local listing for details!

Make Giant Bubbles

Bubbles are always a huge summer hit with my little ones and making the solution isn’t difficult at all. Try making your own bubble solution and creating giant bubbles for a proper summer send-off!

Wash the Car

Get out a few sponges, dish soap and water and get the kids to wash your car! Obviously they don’t have to wash the whole car but they will love the idea! If you have a Little Tikes mini coupe car, you can use that as well for a fun pretend car wash activity!

Visit a Waterpark

Nothing spells summer like going for a swim. If you don’t have a local beach you can try visiting a local waterpark. Enjoy a lazy river or wave pool with your kids one last time!

Watch the Clouds

Spread out a blanket and lay down with your little ones to watch the clouds. Such a simple idea but the potential for conversation and imagination are huge! I did this with one of my twins, it only lasted a few minutes each time and it was only me talking but his eyes lit up each time!

Visit a Farmers Market

Farmers’ markets are one of the best summer staples in my humble opinion. Fresh local produce, meats and artisanal foods and if you are lucky local entertainment! Check your local listing for when one is near you. In the summer Farmers’ Markets are usually happening somewhere everyday!

Back-to-School Name Activity

Learning to write and recognize your name is a key skill to have for school. Here is a fun and easy painting and name pre-writing name recognition activity for kids!

Your End of Summer Bucket List

STEM Activities with Pencils

Nothing says back-to-school like a pencil case filled of newly sharpened pencils. Before sending them off to school to write with those pencils try using them in a few of these fun STEM activities for kids!

Get to Know Me Self Portrait

If you do one last craft before the summer ends make it this one. It’s a great way to let your little one reflect on themselves and who they are before they get thrown into the complex social environment of school and friends.

Make a Pillow Fort Outdoors

Turn your kiddie pool into a mini outdoor lounge area for the kids! It’s a great way to check out the stars at night or the clouds during the day!

Make a Circus Sensory Bin

Such a fun and simple idea: make a circus sensory bin for your little one! This is a great way to prepare them for the sensory thrill of the circus!

Go Fishing

Take your little one fishing before the end of summer!

25 Things to do with kids Before School Starts

Play in the Rain

Instead of heading indoors during a summer rain storm, throw on a pair of rain boots and head outside into the rain! I used to love doing this as a child and my 18 month twins did as well!

Create a Sidewalk Chalk World

Pull out the sidewalk chalk and create a giant town or world for your little one! It’s a great way to play outside in the backyard before the days get shorter and cooler!

25 Things to do with kids Before School Starts


25 Things to do with kids Before School Starts
25 Things to do with kids Before School Starts
25 Things to do with kids Before School Starts

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