Adorable Paper Monkey Craft for Kids


  • Brown construction paper
  • Tan construction paper
  • Yellow construction paper
  • White and black construction paper
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make Paper Monkey Craft

  1. Trace and cut out head, body and mouth of monkey from brown (for head anybody) and tan construction paper for the mouth.
  2. Cut out two hands, feet and ears from the tan construction paper.
  3. Trace and cut out a banana from yellow construction paper. Draw a line and dots using a marker on the banana.
  4. Glue the head to the body and mouth to the head.
  5. Cut out two white circles and two small black circles for the eyes and pupils. Glue them on to the head just above the mouth.
  6. Draw on two dots for the nostrils and a smile.
  7. Cut out 5 1 inch strips from brown construction paper.
  8. Fold 4 of the strips back and forth like an accordion. Glue on hands and feet to each string.
  9. Glue the arms and legs on to the back of the monkey.
  10. Wrap the last strip of brown construction paper around a pencil or marker to curl it slightly and glue it the the back of the monkey for the tail.
  11. Glue the banana to the monkey hands and glue the monkeys hands to close to its ears or eyes or ears.

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