Apple Post-it Letter Match

This is great letter matching activity for fall that is perfect for your toddler or preschooler that using something that my daughter loved ever since she was a baby – post-its!


Here’s how to set it up.

Making the Apple Tree

Grab your brown, red, and green Kwik Stix. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I love these things. What are they? They are the best way to paint with your little one thats what they are!  Kwik Stix is paint in a stick form! There is no paint mess to clean up, no brushes or paint pallets, just a stick that you use much like a glue stick. And the paint dries in minutes.


Kwik Stix are not only good for crafts with your little one they are also perfect for making colourful learning activities like this one.


To make the apple tree I used our Kwik Stix . I quickly drew the outline of an apple tree including the apples using the Kwik Stix and then wrote in the upper case letters using the black sharpie.


I then wrote the corresponding lower case letters on pink post-its and stuck them under the tree.


Apple Letter Matching

Have your little one match the post-it letters at the bottom to capital letters on the apple tree!


Fine Motor Fun

This activity also has a great fine motor element to it. Peeling and sticking the post-it notes to the apples is a great way to work little fingers.



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