Baby Letter Grab

Need a quick activity to occupy your baby while you quickly grab a bite to eat or wash a bottle?

Here is a fun and easy baby activity perfect for babies 6 to 9 months.

Here’s how to get started

If you already have little ones your magnetic fridge letters are probably on your fridge as you read this so you are more than half way done.

If your baby is sitting up you can place them in front of the fridge with the letters at about eye level for your baby at 6 months and a little higher if they are older.

All the colours and the novelty of sitting on the kitchen floor had my twins very excited and they immediately started to grab at the letters and try to pull them off the fridge.

When I did this at 4 months my twins just grabbed and pulled off the letters but couldn’t really keep ahold of them long enough to put them in their mouths.

When I did this at 6 months they were able to use both hold and grab and hold the letters and try to put them in their mouths.

The letters are hard and didn’t stay long in their mouths. They both moved on quickly to try and grab the rest.

I did this several time with them coming back every once and a while to move the letters back on the fridge.

Fun Times in the Kitchen

My twins really enjoyed this fun easy activity. When they were 4 months and not quite sitting up yet I placed them into a Bumbo. You can also do this in their high chair.


  • Fridge Letter magnets
  • Bumbo or high chair (optional)
  • Baby!

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