Baby Puzzle Grab

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Sticky walls are made for baby activities. They are easy to set up and include part sensory (sticky tacky surface) and fine motor fun.


Here is a fun and easy baby activity perfect for babies 6 to 9 months.


Here’s how to get started

Unroll your contact paper.


Tape the corners of the contact paper onto the wall using the painter’s tape or masking tape and peel off the paper backing revealing the sticky side of the contact paper. Make sure that the sticky side is facing out.


Make sure to tape it done well so that the babies don’t try to pull it down.


Find a colourful and interesting puzzle. I used a farm animal puzzle that my little guys really love. Stick them on the Sticky Wall. Press then hard on to the sticky wall so that they don’t fall.


If your baby is sitting up you can place them in front of the contact paper with the puzzle pieces at about eye level for your baby at 6 months and a little higher if they are older.


My twins immediately tried to grab the pieces when I sat them in front of the sticky wall. As they did I called out the names of the animals and what sounds they made and they loved that.


I used a wooden puzzle and my twins loved to gum the wooden pieces after they pulled threw down.


I did this several time with them, replacing the puzzle pieces after they pulled them down.


Sticky Wall For the Win!

My twins really enjoyed this fun easy activity. But don’t take the sticky wall down just yet! It can be used for a ton of other ideas. Check out Baby Ring Grab and Baby Shapes Grab.



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