Baby Sensory Bin: Baby Bottles

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Sensory bins for babies are a fun way to change up your playing routine with them. The don’t need to be complicated. In fact the easier the better.


For my 6 month old twins I like to create sensory bins that are a little different from their regular toys and they usually include safe household non-toy items.


In this sensory bin I use all the different baby bottles and their parts I have collected over the past 4.5 years.


Here’s how to set it up:

Use a smaller sensory bin (or a very large Tupperware container) and gather all the baby bottles and parts you have.


Before you give them to your little one take a few minutes to clean them off as they will of course be putting them in their mouth.


I did not include nipples even though they are soft because of the risk of them swallowing them and sucking in air from the nipple part and getting gassy.


Place all your clean baby bottles and parts into the small sensory bin.



There of course is no set way of play for baby sensory bins. I usually put the bin between my twins. And let them play.


To make it easier for them to reach it I will place the bin to their sides and that way they have to turn to reach to contents.


I also will sometime place them on their tummy’s and let them knock it over to get the contents.

Sensory Fun


My twins both loved this activity and enjoyed exploring and touching and mouthing all the different textures of the baby bottles and parts.

I pulled this out a few times in one day and each time they enjoyed it!


Age Range

6 to 9 months


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