Cereal Box Magnetic Tile Puzzles

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I have wanted to make a Cereal Box Puzzle for my daughter ever since I first saw the idea on Pinterest. Cereal Box Magnetic Tile Puzzles is a fun twist on this super easy classic. Perfect puzzle distraction for your little one while you make dinner or finish your coffee hot because they can put it together on your fridge.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Cereal Box Magnetic Tile Puzzle:


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Making Cereal Box Magnetic Tile Puzzles

Choose your cereal box or you can use any cardboard food box. I ended up not doing the cracker box because the magnetic tiles that I had did not really fit.

Grab your magnetic tiles and put them together to create the base of the puzzle. For the Cheerios box I needed 8 squares (made with a combination of squares and triangles) and 4 small rectangles.

Trace the different tiles on the back of the cereal box.

With scissors cut out each shape.

Use tape to attach the cereal box to the magnetic tiles.

Place the puzzle of the fridge or any metal surface such as a metal door or dishwasher or baking sheet.

Putting the Puzzle Together

When together any puzzle it always helpful to have a picture to work off.

So either save the other side of the cereal box if it is the same or take a picture of the cereal box and show that to your little one so they can use it as a guide to solving the puzzle.

So Much Fun So Much Learning

This was a amazing activity! Working from a photo of the cereal box I would ask leading questions like which letter comes next and how many Cheerios are in this piece of the puzzle.

When she place a puzzle piece in and it didn’t look right I would ask her does that look right and she would respond and fix the orientation of the piece as necessary.

Although there was a bit of preparation needed for this activity it was well worth it!! This was a lot of fun and a great activity for learning, problem solving and more!!



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