Corn Sensory Bin

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Here is an idea that I tried with my 11 month old twins that they absolutely loved. Even my four year old got into this one!

Here’s how to get started

Gather your supplies.

Spread out a sheet or towel under the sensory bin. This will help to catch the water and/or kernels of corn that will inevitably spill out as your baby or toddler plays.

Add cooked corn to a large sensory bin. I boiled the frozen corn until it was mushy and safe to eat.

Language Development

While they played I described what they were looking at and touching. These types of sensory activities are a great time to talk about their senses. I described how the corn felt, smelt and tasted!

I then added a small amount of warm.

Add Tools

I added a few tools for my twins such small spoons and an ice cube tray. You can also add bowls, stacking cups and other kitchen utensils.

Most of the tools went into their mouths but I sat down with them and showed them how to spoon the corn into the ice cube tray. This is something they won’t get now but will soon.

Into their Mouth

So or course my twins did eat some of the corn. Having two babies to do activities with, I get to see how two very different personalities respond to the same activity.

Baby boy put his hands in and loved to swish the corn around and splash them in the water. He enjoyed grabbing them one at a time and dropping them on the blanket outside the bin.

Baby girl immediately picked up the tools and started mouthing them. Then she sat and started to eat the corn one after another.

Fine Motor Fun

This activity is also a great fine motor workout for your little one.

Things to Remember

When doing activities with your baby you should always keep a close eye on them.

Although the kernels of corn are small and mushy they can still pose a choking threat. If you are concerned at all don’t do this activity or start the activity with thawed corn kernels that are mushy already.


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