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This quick and easy to set up (and clean up) math and fine motor skill activity is the perfect way to start the morning for both you and your little one!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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Set Up

Before the fun can begin and you can finish your coffee there are a few dots on the window you have to draw. Don’t worry you will be done before your coffee gets cold!

Break out your Crayola Window Crayons. These guys are great by the way and work well on not just glass but mirrors too and they wash off wonderfully (check out the end of this activity).



Luckily the window I used already had lines on panes, but if yours doesn’t you can either draw in lines or circles to create a 3×3 grid.


Next, randomly assign each square in the grid or circle a number and draw dots from 1 to 9. Then comes the Foam Puzzle Numbers Play Mat.
Punch out the numbers on lay them out in front of the window. Finally fill up your Spray Bottle with water. And your part is done, well almost!



Point to the first set of dots and ask your little to count them. Once they get the correct number ask them to find that number among the Foam Numbers. Then have them spray the back of the Foam Numbers with water using the Spray Bottle.


Spray Bottles are incredibility fun to play with as well as being an excellent fine motor skill tool. Your little one will enjoy this part the best so just remind them that a little water one goes a long way. But if they spray too much water on the back not to worry, just shake it off (I had a towel handy to dry up the extra water). The Foam Numbers will stick to the glass with just a little bit of water. Too much as they may start to slide and/or water may start to drip down and erase the dots below.


No stick them on to the window pressing firmly so the stay and repeat until all the numbers are done! In between sips you can help out with counting and supervise the spraying action.



Cleaning up is a breeze! I even had her help out and she loved it!


Simply spray water onto some paper towel (or let your little one do it) and wipe. It doesn’t take much effort at all and viola you are done!



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