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Double Nines

I recently bought a set of double nine dominoes to use in math activities with my almost four year old thinking they would be a lot of fun. I was right! She couldn’t get enough of these little wooden cards and I foresee lots of domino activities in our future!

Domino Counting is a fun counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers and a simple to set up activity for you.


Here’s what you’ll need to do Domino Counting with your little one:


Set Up for Domino Counting

On a large sheet of kraft paper draw 5-10 rectangles with a line across the middle.


Are those mini fridges?

These will become the dominos that your toddler or preschooler will fill in. As I was drawing the rectangles my almost four year was trying to guess what they were and thought I had draw 10 fridges.


I then handed her the entire box of dominos and asked her to pull one out. For younger toddlers remove all the higher numbered dominoes and just focus on numbers numbers 1-6.

Then I asked her to count the dots on the top part of the domino and make that many dot on the top section of the first domino on the paper. She then did the same for the bottom section.


To make the dots we used paint sticks but you can use just about anything here.

She could have used her fingers to make fingerprints with paint or ink and used stickers.


Fun Counting Activity

This activity was a total hit in no small part due to the novelty of dominoes and the paint sticks.


Dominoes gave her opportunity to play with numbers and counting in a fun and new way.


Having dominoes that go up to nine gave us the chance to count bigger and higher numbers than with just regular dominoes. Even my almost four year noticed the bigger numbers. When she pulled out a nine she exclaimed that she thought six would be the highest number.


Fast & Easy Math Activity

Practicing math at home with your toddler need not be hard or complicated. This activity took me 2 minutes to set up but I got 30 minutes of free time to drink coffee and hold my twins.




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