Dot Stickers Sight Word Match

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When it comes to learning sight words makes perfect. The more your child sees them the easier it will be for them to remember them! Finding easy and fun sight words games does not have to be difficult.

Here is a fun way to practice sight words that is crazy easy to set up!

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Here’s How To Set Up Dot Sticker Sight Words

Tape a large sheet of white paper to the wall or table and then write all the sight words you want your little one to practice on the paper in random spots all over the sheet.

On a sheet of dot stickers write those same sight words on one dot sticker.

Now, invite your little one to read and then match the correct sight word dot sticker to the correct sight word on the white sheet of paper! Simple for you and fun for them!

Great Sight Word Game

Dot stickers are really the best and can be used for so many learning and fun activities for toddlers right up to kindergartners. But at the end of the day they are stickers and try as my 4 year old might they are still a little kid that cannot resist any activity involving stickers!

That is why this activity was an instant hit.

There was no convincing or cajoling to get her to sit down and practice. I handed her the dot stickers and she was immediately engaged!

She eagerly read the sight words off the dot stickers and then tried to read and find the matching sight word on the sheet of paper!


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