Easter Egg Patterns

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Here is a fun early math idea for your child that is fun and easy to set up for Easter. This pattern making activity is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners!

Here’s how to get started:

Gather your supplies. The preparation time for this activity is about 4 minutes (depending on how well you can draw an egg shape!).

On a large sheet of white craft paper draw a large Easter egg. I started out drawing two Easter eggs and quickly realized that one was plenty! Create lines all along the Easter egg as decoration. Your child will use these lines to create patterns on as well as to decorate the Easter egg.

Create a Pattern

Take your dot markers and draw a pattern along one of the lines of the Easter egg.

Sit your little one in front of the Easter egg and go over the pattern with them so that they understand exactly what the pattern is that you created.

Hand the dot markers to them and ask them to continue making the pattern all along the same line of Easter egg.

For younger toddlers keep the patterns simple just two colours. Using the ABAB format. For kindergartners, you can have them make their own patterns on one of the hearts. You can also use more complex patterns using more than two colours

Benefits of Learning Patterns

This activity is great for practicing pattern making which is a key early math skill.

Learning patterns can help increase your child’s ability to count as well as solve math problems as the continue to develop.

Free Art Time

Once we completed a few patterns my daughter had a blast decorating the Easter egg using the Do A Dot Art! Markers, other markers and paint sticks!


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