Feed the Baby Sensory Bin

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Here is an adorable and simple to set up Montessori sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers. Feed the baby toddler sensory bin is such fun way to practice and teach self care to toddlers.

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A few weeks ago we did a really fun twist on the classic baby washing activity that all three of my kids enjoyed. The baby dolls were still hanging up in the craft room drying and I had a thought about what we should do next!

Why not add rice instead of water and continue the self care lesson to feeding!

For this activity I decided to use our IKEA FLISAT table since I wanted N and A to be able to have individual place to play. The IKEA FLISAT table is great for that.

I gathered up all my supplies. I was able to find an old small plastic bottle that my twins used when they were small babies. I added those, some wooden bowls with small spoons. You can also use a baby spoon if you have one.

To the sensory table I also added all of our baby doll bottles, which turned out to be quite a few. Finally I added some scoopers. You can also add spoons or scoopers to help them scoop and pour the rice into the bowls for feeding. Finally I added the babies!

How to play feed the baby sensory bin

To play I invited my toddlers to come and feed the babies the rice “cereal” using the bowls and spoons and then to make a rice “milk” bottle.

They absolutely loved this activity and so did I. There was so much opportunity for pretend play. They scooped the rice up with their hands and spoons and filled their bowls. Then they used the small baby spoons to feed their babies.

A blew on the food before he fed it to his baby making sure that it wasn’t too hot her.

The plastic bottles were especially a hit. With them, they filled them up with rice, stirred it with the spoons and then put the nipples on. N was able to get this done quite easily but A need a little help and got a little frustrated when tried and then turned it up side down and it fell off.

All in all there way a lot of play going on with this sensory bin and it laster for about 30 minutes.

What to talk about

Here are some questions to ask your toddlers while doing this activity:

  • “What’s your baby’s name?”
  • “What are you feeding your baby?”
  • “What’s the baby’s favourite food?” “Yours?”


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