Giant Shape Painting

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The last time I was at the dollar store I purchased a large paint brush to use in an activity but we never got around to using it until now. Giant Shape Painting, is a great calm activity for working on gross motor skills.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Giant Shape Painting activity:


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Easy set up for Giant a Shape Painting

On a large piece of kraft or butcher paper draw out a bunch of giant shapes.

When I showed my almost 4 year old the large brush that we were going to use for this activity she got very excited.

Using a brush like this is a great way to get preschoolers not so interested in painting to be more engaged.

Colour Mixing

This activity also became a lesson in colour mixing. We mixed blue and yellow to make green.

Counting Sides

As we went through each shape we would count the sides or discuss whether the shape had any sides as with the case of the circle and flower.

Outdoor Fun

This was a great activity for a lovely spring day. And don’t be little me and forget to put a smock on your little one. This large painting activity can definitely get messy!


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