GOKI WOODEN CUBE PUZZLE: A Pattern Matching Game

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Goki Cube Puzzle: An Educational Toy


Beautifully crafted with brightly printed colours.

The Goki Cube Puzzle is a beautifully crafted educational toy that comes with 26 pattern or visual cue cards and four cubes made of high quality wood. Both the pattern cards and the cubes have brightly coloured patterns printed on all sides making it visually stimulating for preschoolers. Everything is packaged in a sturdy paper box that was meant to last. The recommended age range for this toy is 3 and 5 years old.

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Everything fits neatly into a small sturdy paper box.

How to Play with Goki Cube Puzzle

To play with the Goki Cube Puzzle you simple choose one of the pattern cards and then turn each of the four cubes around so that the pattern on the top sides of the cube match with the pattern card.


Although my daughter is almost 3.5 years old, I knew the Goki Wooden Cube Puzzle would be challenging for her but it’s brightly printed colours, design and small size was something she couldn’t resist!

The cubes are the perfect size for preschooler hands.

Introducing the Goki Puzzle Cube

The first thing I did when introducing the Goki Cube Puzzle was to make sure that she was very interested and motivated to try out this new toy. So I left the box out in her playroom to spark her curiosity. This is a little trick I’ve done many times in the past with new items I wanted to introduce to my daughter. By letting her ‘discover’ the toy on her own and come to me already interested and curious in it made her much more open to learning more about it.


After opening the box and showing her all the contents and letting her play with them for a while, I started to play by choosing an easy pattern card. We talked about each section of the pattern card and I told her that each section is represented by one cube.

With the easy pattern cards, my three year old was able to find the matching cubes easily.

I then placed two of the four cubes down, matching the visual cue card. I then asked her if she could find the next two cubes to complete the puzzle.

If she got stuck I would make a few suggestions, one correct, one wrong and ask her which one she thought was right.

I progressively started to chose more difficult pattern cards. I continued to start the puzzles for her so that it gave her a visual reference as to how to orient the rest of the puzzle.


As she progressed I would only put out one cube and have her try to complete the puzzle using the visual cues. There were several times where she was able to correctly choose the right side of the cube but had difficulty orienting it correctly. I would simple ask her if it looked the same as the picture and then asked her to see if she could make her cubes look like the picture.

Skills Learned

The visual cue cards were amazing and helped work her visual-spatial skills. Figuring out if the pattern was in the left or right corner, upper or lower corner was challenging but great for developing those key skills.


The challenge with the Goki Cube Puzzle is not just choosing the right pattern but orienting it correctly. This makes it a toy for improving hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.


This is a fun and beautiful toy that would make a great gift for any preschooler. The Goki Cube Puzzle’s small size makes it also a perfect toy to add to quiet or busy bags as well as toys that can be easily slipped into a backpack and taken to a restaurant or on vacation.




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