Leaf Name Activity

Fall is such a fun time of year. The colours, and cooler air and all the natural manipulatives! This activity uses the most plentiful resource during Fall – leaves.

This activity is a great way to extend Leaf Cutting Tray so check out this fun and easy cutting activity and them continue with this great name recognition activity.

Here’s how Leaf Name Activity works.

Gather the leaf pieces into a pile and bring out your glue and large pieces of butcher paper.

Write your child’s name in large letters on a piece of butcher paper using a black sharpie.

Then have them glue the leaf pieces along each letter of their name.

Sometimes I like to put glue into a bowl and hand my daughter a brush and let her apply the glue that way.

This is a great fine motor as well as a name recognition activity

My daughter was 3 years old when we first did this activity.


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