Magnetic Tile Ramps

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Create your own ramp using magnetic tiles with this easy and fun STEM activity perfect for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids.

Set Up Magnetic Tile Ramps

This is a great activity to do with older children. Explain to them that they are to build a ramp using their magnetic tiles. You can show them the picture in this post so that they can have an idea of what they are to create.

Set out your magnetic tiles and see if they can create a ramp on their own. Children under 7 will need lots of assistance with this. Old children will also need assistance. Help them as needed.

If you have enough tiles have them create two different ramps of different heights. Once the ramps are complete have them test out their ramps using different objects.

They can use cars, balls, Easter eggs or Pom Poms. Before they let go of their objects have them predict have the shape of the different objects will impact how the different objects will roll or slide down the ramp.

Skills Developed

This is a great activity that will teach kids about problem solving. Building a ramp with the magnetic tiles is challenging and they will have to figure out how build it. Remember to help out when needed.

This activity is also a great opportunity to discuss cause and effect and gravity.


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