Muddy Racetrack Sensory Bin

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Inside: Muddy Racetrack sensory bin is a fun and messy way to play with your little one’s favourite cars or trucks!

For this activity I use our Way To Play Play Road. Now, this is not a review for this product and I really wanted to love these. But at the end of the day they aren’t my favourite toy. They are well made and can really be used everywhere. They held up great in the water and mud. But they are hard to put together. I was so excited when I got these for the kids but they have never played with them if I have not set them up.


That being said they were amazing for this activity and I may use them more in activities in hopes that this will get them to play with them more.

To keep the race track from falling off the table I taped them down with masking tape. This worked for the most part. But as they got wet and muddy a few came off. I quickly and easily replaced them.

If you don’t have the Way To Play Play Road you can also use Road Car Tape for this activity.

Instead of doing this activity on a sensory table you can also create the racetrack around a sensory bin on the floor.

In the sensory table I put water on one side and soil on the other side and let my son mix them to create mud.

How He Played

He loved this activity. I showed him how he could scoop some mud on to the racetrack and drive the cars through it. He also loved driving the cars through the mud in the sensory bins as well.

When he was done I added water to the sensory bins and he cleaned off the cars and racetrack. You can also add bubbles and sponges to extend the activity. He played with this activity so long that I didn’t have enough time to add bubbles before we had to go inside for dinner. We will definitely be doing this again with bubbles.


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