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In need of a quick activity to keep your standing or walking baby happy or your busy toddler busy? Try this super easy activity that only requires two things (plus a bored toddler of course)!!

Here’s how to get started!

I used a baby wipes container for this activity but you can use almost any types of container. A shoe box or a yogurt container would make great substitutes.

At first my 13 month old twins had problems stuffing the post-it notes into the baby wipes container because of the flexible rubber stopper at the opening where the wipes come out. So I took it, well actually tore it out, quietly easily in fact and then they were golden!

This made the activity so much more fun!! They were able to actually see the post-it notes as they stuffed them into the container as well as to put them inside easier.


Stick as many post-it notes on a wall or window. For walking and standing babies stick them up where they have to stand and reach to get them.

Gross Motor Practice

For toddlers, you can place the post-it notes in different places around the room and have them race around finding them and stuffing them into the wipes container.

Learning Outcomes

These are a countless number of learning possibilities with this activity. You can use different coloured post-it notes and ask them to find all the yellow post-its and then find all the blue ones.

You could draw shapes or write numbers or letters on the notes and ask your toddler to find a certain shape, number or letter and then stuff it into the wipes container! You name it! This can be a very fun learning activity as well as an easy busy activity.

Lots of Fun

Both my twins loved this activity! Although they are twins they have two very different personalities and learning styles.

My son is super busy and loves to be physically active with activities. I did this activity with him and moved the wipes container a bit further away from the post-it notes and he loved it.

My daughter is super focused and loves to finish an activity. She sat and stuffed until all post-it notes were gone!


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