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Teaching your little one letters doesn’t have to be a chore. Throw away those flash cards and pull out come coloured blocks and that foam letter mat on your playroom floor. They will be 100% more engaged and ready to learn. Here is what you’ll need!


  • Foam Letter Puzzle Mat
  • Rainbow blocks

Set up:

The prep for this activity is unbelievably easy and you should involve your toddler or preschooler! This activity works best with letters that have straight lines like ‘T’, ‘F’, ‘A’, ‘H’, ‘Y’, ‘N’ , ‘Z’, ‘I’, ‘J’.

Punch out these letters and them aside. If you have time you can do another fun and easy activity when you are done.

Using the rainbow blocks, show your toddler or preschooler how they can fit into the outline of the letters. This will take some figuring out and problem solving.

Pinterest Files-3


Don’t worry if they have trouble at first simply help them figure out where each block can fit by asking probing questions and offering suggestions. If they still are having trouble, model for them how it could be done and then have them try it.

Pinterest Files-5

Not only is this activity great for learning and recognizing letters is also great for developing their spatial awareness.

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Rainbow Blocks Letters

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