Snow Letters

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There may not be snow on the ground but it is definitely winter here! That means its time to break out the winter themed activities. Make sure to check more of our fun and easy winter activities!

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Snow Letters is a fun way to practice letter writing for your preschooler or kindergartner.

Here’s how to get started

Gather your supplies. Tape the contact paper on to the wall or window. I tried both and opted for the window as my walls are white and it was hard to see the “snow” of the letters. On the window it looks very cool and my daughter loved it!

Next, use a black sharpie to write out the letters or words you want your little one to practice. Make the letters large enough so that they can use the cotton balls to write with.

Hand your little one a cotton ball and ask them to trace the letters using the cotton ball. Cotton balls when pressed against contact paper will leave a trail of white fluff that resembles snow!

Your little one does not need to press hard. They can either dab it all along the letter, which is what my happy four year old did or they can drag the cotton ball along the letter. Either way a light snowy fluff will be left behind!

Vertical Surfaces

The great thing about this activity, besides the fact that your little one gets to make snow letters without actually having to use snow, is that they get to do it on a vertical surface!

When your little one is learning to write it is beneficial to them to give them lots of chances to practice not just on a flat surface but also on vertical surfaces. Practicing on a vertical surface is also great for little ones who can’t sit still thereby improving their visual attention spans!

Benefits of Writing on Vertical Surfaces

Not only is writing on a vertical surface fun (think about your school days when you got to write on the black board for fun!) it is also great for strengthening their gross motor muscles as well as fine motor muscles.

When your little one is standing at the window or wall with the cotton ball they will be working on their shoulder and elbow stability as well as wrist control.

Giving your child opportunities to work on vertical surfaces is also great for developing hand-eye coordination as well as spatial awareness. Standing up at the wall or window allows them to better understand which letters go up and down or left and right.

Total Hit

This was a total hit with my four year old! She was so focused and engaged and when she was done all the letters she asked for more!


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  4. Great, great activity. And thank you for the explanation of its many benefits. Will try with my 3 yr old granddaughter. She is getting interested in her ABCs!