Snowman Button Counting Sticky Wall

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This is fun and easy winter math activity using contact paper that my three year old really got into!


It ended up becoming a bit of a snowman fashion show with the snowman trying on different coloured hats and adding buttons to match!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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On the back of the contact paper, draw the outline of a snowman.  Using orange construction paper to cut out a carrot nose.

I drew arms and mitts and a smile on the snowman but left the nose and eyes for my daughter to add.

Using various colours construction paper, cut out 10-12 winter hats to fit the snowman’s head. Using the marker write 1-12 on the winter hats.


Peel the back off the contact paper and use the painter’s tape to attach it to the wall with the sticky side facing out.

Next, I had my daughter finish the face of the snowman. At three years old, she has such a vivid imagination, that as soon as she added his nose and eyes she started talking to him (with me responding as the snowman of course)!

My 3 year old talking to her freshly made snowman!

Next I asked her, if she thinks the snowman needs anything else. “A hat“, she exclaimed! I handed her the first construction paper winter hats with the number 1 on it and asked her to stick it on the snowman’s head.


Then I asked her, “what number is on the snowman’s hat? Can you give him one button”.  She then stuck one button on his body.


For this preschooler, she immediately understood what she was to do next. I handed her the rest of the numbered hats and buttons and she had fun exchanging hats on the snowman and adding the corresponding buttons to his body.



Everyone once and a while I would ask her how many buttons does he have now. And she would count them just to make sure it matched his hat.


For toddlers, you will have to work more closely with them. Hand them a winter hat and show them where to place it and them ask them what the number is. You will also have to help them count out the number of buttons. But even if they aren’t counting on their own yet, this is a great fine motor skill activity and they will have a blast adding the buttons to the sticky wall!



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4 comments on “Snowman Button Counting Sticky Wall”

  1. What a fun way to encourage learning via the senses. You are right that kids love it when things stick together. I am on the hunt for contact paper soon so I can try this with my toddler and preschooler. I know it will be a great way to occupy them when they can’t go outside this winter.

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks so much! Absolutely, so a great indoor activity! I usually get mine from Amazon.

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