Spring Sensory Bin For Toddlers

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It has been a cold wet spring here this year and we have not been able to get outside as much as I would have liked. So I felt the need to create a very green and inviting sensory activity for my little toddlers and this vibrant sensory bin did the trick!

Here’s how to Set Up Spring Sensory Bin for Toddlers

There is something just a bit less complicated when your sensory bin filler is water.

Yes, water can be messy and I love using other fillers but at the end of the day it is much easier to keep the mess down when water is involved than say for instance with rice.

I decided to use water for this spring sensory bin instead of coloured rice or pasta because I was honestly just a bit lazy!

I did not have time to dye the rice nor did I want to sweep it up afterwards.

So I added water to my large sensory bin and added a lot of green food colouring. I wanted the water to be as vibrant and green as coloured rice would be so that it was inviting and fun for my kids.

Then I pulled out all of the plastic insect and bug toys I could find. I also added spring flowers like tulips and daffodils.

Finally, I added a few plastic trees and our IKEA fake grass plant to create an enchanting spring scene!

Sensory Bin Learning for Toddlers

This was fun sensory play activity for my 14 month old twins and a fabulous opportunity to introduce lots of new vocabulary!

You may ask, why set up a sensory activity like this for 14 month olds?

Well, besides the obvious – to occupy their attention if only for 10 minutes (which it did and more!).

I set up sensory activities like this because it provides so many fun and interesting opportunities to introduce new vocabulary.

Getting Engaged in Activities

I’m not sure about you but being a stay at home mom can be quite boring and I often find myself struggling to keep my attention focused on the kids while playing. But when I set up sensory activities like this with them I’m more engaged. And when I’m more engaged you can bet so are they.

I talked all about the little creepy crawlers and bugs they picked up. I showed them how to place the butterflies in the trees. I talked about the insects hiding in the grass and they loved sticking them in between the blades of the IKEA grass plant. They also splashed around with the bugs in the water. All the while I was describing what they were doing and playing with.

Sensory Bin Fun

This was a totally hit with my twins and with my 4.5 year old when she came home.

She immediately dived right in and even the twins came back over to play with her. This is definitely one we will have to take outside when the weather warms up!


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