Sticky Tape Shapes Activity

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Sticky tape shapes activity is a fun and super easy toddler shape and fine motor skill activity. It’s very easy to set up and makes a great activity for toddlers stuck indoors!

So today my big girl was home again but instead of heading off to the Science Center or the Aquarium like we normally do on days when she is home I decided to stay at home and do a whole bunch of fun and easy activities.

Here is the first learning activity that we did. It was of course a little easy for my 5 year old so I made her made complex patterns with the shapes. She made patterns with different shapes, colours and shapes of different sizes

For the twins I made the set up a little easier and we had fun sticking and talking about about the shapes, sizes and colours.

Easy Activity Set Up

To set this fun and easy shape recognition activity up all you’ll need is masking tape and foam shapes. The foam shapes that I use are the shapes I purchased on Amazon. They are super fun and can be used for ton of different learning activities.

I torn off a few pieces of masking tape and taped them with the sticky side facing up. Then I used another piece of masking tape to secure these pieces on the floor. I made a few lines of tape facing up and then I also made a square. Additionally, I created a triangle and rectangle.

I then invited my kids, 5 years and 23 months to stick the shapes the masking tape. As they did I asked my toddlers what shape they were sticking down. We also talked about the colour and size.

The thing that I really love about this activity is that you can easily change up it to meet any learning level. For my toddlers, I had them stick any shape they wanted on the lines and the larger shapes and I helped them identity the shapes, colours and sizes as they went along.

For my older daughter, I had her create lot of different patterns! I love when such as simple set up works with multiple ages!


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