Tea Bag Sensory Bin

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There are some sensory bins that are hits with my daughter and others that are big hits –  this one was a HUGE hit.


Tea Bag Sensory Bin is a simple to set up sensory experience your toddler or preschooler will love. Be warned it is messy but it smells divine but your little one will LOVE it!


How to Set Up Tea Bag Sensory Bin

After setting up this sensory bin I realized that my daughter does not really have a toy tea set. One would have come in handy with this activity but it is not a requirement. Honestly, her imagination was all that was required! So instead of a tea set I used play cups and a toy coffee maker and believe me she still had a lot of fun!


Full Sensory Sensory Bin

I gave her an array of herbals tea bags all with different smells and colours. I also gave her a pair of scissors that she could use to cut open the tea bags to explore their contents. If you want to keep the mess down with this activity then just don’t give them scissors and let them just play with the tea bags.


She really enjoyed this part. She was able to open the tea bags, explore the contents, mix flavours and smells!

Finally, I gave her a jug of water water to make the tea.

Sensory Fun

At first she put the tea bags into each cup and started to pour water into the cups to make tea the traditional way.


Then she cut open the tea bags and mixed the tea leaves together to make special tea flavours.


She pretended she was serving royalty and I even got in on the tea sensory fun!


Even though I know I just wasted a few bags of tea it was worth it for the experience and amount of enjoyment she had with this activity.

Keeping Things Clean

Ideally you will do this activity outside and then you do not have to worry about the mess so much but I have infant twins and getting outside in the backyard is not always as easy as it sounds. So before this activity started I reminded my daughter of the sensory bin rules.

My daughter added the paint brush rollers and whisk!

She is so used to doing messy bins like this and keeping most the messiness inside the bin that I don’t always have to put something underneath it. We did this activity on a table which helped to contain the mess as well. But if you are doing this on the floor I highly recommend putting something underneath the bin in order to prevent tea bag contents from getting all over your floors!

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Tea Bag Sensory Bin


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My daughter LOVED this!

To say that this was a hit is an understatement. I had set this up as a way for me to cook dinner and to keep the TV off. By the time I was done making dinner she was really into it. I had to promise that she could go back to it after dinner in order to get her to come to the table!


She even played with it the next day. I simply gave her a few more tea bags and more water!

Hot Day? Add Ice!

Doing this activity on a very hot day? Add ice to the sensory bin and you have a cool ICED TEA BAG sensory bin!




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