Ten-Frame Sensory Bag

Finding fun math activities for your kindergartner can be a challenge. Here is a fun fine motor ten-frame activity that I did with my four year old that she loved!

Here’s How To Set Up Your Ten-Frame Sensory Bag

Grab your supplies. On the ziplock bag use your ruler and sharpie to make four five frame rows.

Tip: When using the sharpie on the Ziploc bag it may smudge a little. To prevent this, blow on it for a second or two before moving your ruler to help dry the marker.

Add 20 counting chips to the bag.

Next, add clear hair gel or baby oil into the Ziploc. You will want to add enough so that it is easy to move the counting chips with your finger.

Sensory Bag Math

Now it’s time to count! Take out your playing cards and remove all the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces.

Make two piles with the remaining cards. Have your little one turn over a card from each pile.

Then have your little one count out the number on each card by using their fingers to move one counting chip into each frame.

Using a Ten-Frame

A ten-frame is a simple tool that allows young children to visualize numbers graphically.

To properly use a ten-frame start by counting out one counter in each frame. Start from the top left and move to the right until all five are filled. Then start on the next frame again adding counters left to right.

Fine Motor Workout

This was a great fine motor strengthen activity for my kindergartner.


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