Road Trip Toys for Kids

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INSIDE: You will find 8 fun road trip toys to keep kids busy while on a long road trip. These toy ideas let your toddler, preschooler, kindergartner or older kid play, build, draw and create in the comfort of their car seats!

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Looking for ideas to keep your kids occupied while on a long road trip? Then you have come to the right place!

The road trip travel toys are organized into 8 sections:

  1. Travel Trays
  2. Travel Blocks
  3. Puzzle Toys
  4. Travel Toys
  5. Mess Free Drawing Toys
  6. Audio Books
  7. Crafty Toys
  8. Window Toys

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Road Trip Toys for Kids

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1. Something to Organize Everything:

Travel Trays

First, you’ll need something to keep everything organized. When we head up to the cottage bringing toys to keep everyone entertained can quickly get crazy if we didn’t have something to keep everything together. You have lots of options to keep everything in one place at least for most of the trip. You can use an over-the-seat car organizer or you can use a car travel tray to keep things in place and in reach!

2. Something to Build:


Have a block lover along for the ride? There is no need to leave your blocks at home. Grab a few blocks to bring along for the trip. I like to bring magnetic blocks that are easy to connect and keep together, plus they are super fun. Our favourite are Connetix Tiles. Bring enough to build a small house or bring the magnetic car and enough tiles to build a truck.

3. Something to Figure Out:

Puzzle Toys

Puzzles are another way to keep kids entertained in the backseat. Look for ones that come with their own travel case. These types of toys are great for small and big kids!

4. Something to Play:

Travel Toys

Then there are some toys that are just made for car rides. These are the tried and true toys that just work in a car or an airplane. Make sure to pack a few of these for the way there but also save one or two for the car ride back!

5. Something to Draw:

Mess Free Drawing Toys

Keep the crew entertained in the back with a few artsy toys. But to help keep your sanity and your car half way decent try these options that are mess free.

6. Something to Listen:

Audio Books

Having something to listen to is key for long car rides in our family. I like to download a few books on tape for my kids to listen to when they get bored of toys. Disney audio books are always a favourite in our car, but you can find just about any classic and a few new favorites to download. Download your child’s favourite soundtrack or music before hand so that you can start it up at a moment’s notice.

7. Something to Make:

Crafty Toys

Along with getting artsy your kids can also get a little crafty in the backseat! Check out these fun and car friendly craft options. Some of these ideas aren’t going to work with toddlers but kids 4 years old and up will definitely love them!

8. Something that Sticks:

Window Toys

Pick up a few toys that will stick to windows but will also come off easily! Make use of every available surface in the car by bringing along toys that can stick to the windows! These are great for older kids that can actually reach the windows. Also try reusable stickers from Melissa and Doug

Happy traveling and I hope you have an amazing trip!

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3 comments on “Road Trip Toys for Kids”

  1. Love all these ideas! Will be investing in some car storage solutions right away. Would like to gently point out that Dr Seuss books are racist and increasingly considered unsuitable for children. You might like to recommend alternatives or provide a disclaimer to that effect? We listen to Dick King Smith and the Worst Witch audiobooks in the car!

    1. Avatar photo

      Thanks for pointing this out and for your suggestions. I haven’t heard that Dr. Seuss books are racist. I will have to do more research on that. But thanks for the heads up.

      1. I found First Name Basis’ podcast (S2 E6) about it really helpful, especially when she explained how researching the books impacted on her as a biracial mom. So grateful to you for all your brilliant play ideas, I’ve used so many while in quarantine!