Tulip Sensory Bin for Spring

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After Easter every year I always have a bunch of once beautiful tulips that I end up tossing into the compost. This year I decided in honour of Earth Day, that I would reuse them and turn them into a fun spring sensory bin for my daughter.

Although, there are no flowers blooming outside, inside my house is a different picture. I have bouquets and bouquets of tulips and pussy willows everywhere.

But shortly after Easter those beautiful spring flowers start to wilt and droop. I’ve been itching to do a natural sensory play idea with my daughter and knew this would be perfect.

This spring sensory bin is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers but made a great learning activity for my little kindergartner as well!

Here’s how to Set Up Tulip Spring Sensory Bin

Grab a large sensory bin, bowls, soup ladle, slotted spoon and other cups and spoons for scooping and pouring the tulip sensory soup.

I placed the wilted tulips into the sensory bin and asked my 4 year old to deconstruct them.

Learning Parts of a Flower

Right away my daughter started to ask about the different parts of the tulips. Pulling apart the flowers was the perfect opportunity to talk about the different parts of flowers in general. We identified the petals, stamen and the pistil.

She pulled apart the leaves as well as the petals and the removed the stems.

The tulip sensory bin was starting to come into shape. The colours were beautiful and my daughter couldn’t wait to start playing.

Sensory Play

I let her pour some water on the deconstructed flowers to create a lovely tulip soup!


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