Under the Sea Sensory Bin

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Sensory play ideas for babies and young toddlers can be tough to put together. They are still exploring their world with their mouths so you have to find things that are fun but also taste safe.

Here is my absolute favourite under the sea sensory activity for babies and toddlers. It’s so simple to set up but it’s lots of fun! AND it’s taste safe!

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Here’s How To Set Up My Favorite Under the Sea Sensory Bin

Grab your large sensory bin and lay out a few towels underneath it to catch the water.

Add dried seaweed with a small amount of water. I did this with my 14 month old twin toddlers who love to get into the sensory bins so I find less is more with them. If you are doing this activity with an older toddler or preschooler feel free to add more water.

Next, I added my twins’ favourite ocean sea animals and then I invited them to play and explore this simple under the sea sensory world!

Taste Safe

I really loved this activity for my young toddlers. They are still exploring and learning with their mouths as well as with their other senses which can make finding a fun sensory activity for them challenging. But the dried seaweed in water was perfect since it is safe to taste and eat.

Both of my twins loved exploring the seaweed with their hands as well as with their mouths. They ate some of it but mostly they enjoyed touching it between their fingers, shaking it and tossing it back in the water.

Big Hit

This was a big hit with my twins and kept them engaged for quite a while! My daughter enjoyed exploring the seaweed with her hands and mouth but mostly loved playing with the sea creatures! And my son absolutely loved playing with the sea creatures.

The best part about this sensory bin is that it was also fun for my four year old who joined in on the fun when she got home from school!

I added more water and seaweed for her and she added other fun water toys like a toy boat and scuba diver!

Adult Supervision

As with all my activities, adult supervision is required. Although seaweed is safe to taste for babies and toddlers it can be a chocking hazard. Please keep a close eye your baby or toddler when doing this activity.


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