Baby Valentines Sensory Bin

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Even though they may be little, your baby will still love a good Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin. Here is one that is safe and fun for babies as young as 11 months!

Here’s how to get started

Grab your large sensory bin and fill it with less than an inch of water. Lay it on a towel or shower curtain or picnic blanket to help contain the water. I find when doing water sensory activities that less is more when it comes to containing the mess. They still enjoy it immensely so do not feel pressure to add more water!

Next, add a few drops of red food colouring. Again less is more here. Your little one will end up in the bin most likely so you do not want to add too much colouring so that it stains their clothing.

Then add foam hearts, red and purple toys such as:

Next, add some utensils such as spoons or brushes or a whisk!

Then let your little one loose!

Total Hit

My 12 month old twins absolutely loved this activity! They enjoyed splashing in the water and climbing into and out of the sensory bin. They also enjoyed picking up and splashing the toys in the water.

I stuck some of the foam hearts and letters and numbers on to the sides of the sensory bin and my happy 12 month olds loved pulling them off and mouthing them.

Model Model Model

When it came to using the utensils, they were a little reluctant to use them at first until I modeled it for them.

As with every activity you do especially with little ones, you have to model what it is you want them to do first!

I showed them how to use the whisk and brush in the water, talking about what I was doing then entire time and them handed it to them. It took a few attempts but they eventually got the hang of it.

As with all activities you do with little ones, makes sure to keep and eye on them at all times! Although there were no choking hazards in this activity and the water is not enough to cause any harm you should always have your eye on them while they play.


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