Balloon Sensory Bin

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Here is one sensory bin where the normal rules of sensory play do not apply!

This was a very fun sensory bin that was soo easy to put together for my twins but allowed me to get a lot done without a baby underfoot!

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Here’s how to set up your Balloon Sensory Bin!

As will all my activities, make sure to keep a very close eye on your little one while they are playing this activity. There is a chance that the balloons could break and become a chocking hazard. Close adult supervision is always required.

Set up for this sensory bin is simple. Grab your sensory bin and then blow up a few balloons. Blow up the balloons to different sizes. Some small and squishy and some big and firm and some in between.

Put all the balloons into a large sensory bin. If you don’t have a sensory bin try a large box or laundry basket. Just as long as it is something your little one can reach into to grab the balloons. The key is to have them start all in one place! They will go crazy for that!

So Much FUN!

This was such a fun activity for my twins. Even my four year old enjoy it when she got home. There really is no right or wrong way to play with this sensory bin. The normal rules of sensory are meant to be broken (something my four year old immediately pointed out). The normal rule of sensory bins in our house is: the contents are to stay in the bin. With this activity taking the balloons out of the bin is the best part.

Balloon Fun

Think balloons are not a sensory experience? Think again! There is something irresistible about balloons for kids of all ages. My twins who are 13 months and my older daughter at four all LOVED this activity.

The twins loved squeezing and mouthing the smaller balloons. The small ones were the perfect size for their baby hands. The medium sized ones were perfect for grabbing and holding and walking around with. The twins also loved batting at the balloons; chasing them when their feet accidentally kicked them and trying to plant their faces into the bigger ones!

My four year old just loved trying to keep the balloons up in the air for as long as she could.

Clean Up

What clean up!? This is what makes this activity so amazing – there is no cleanup. OK well it is more like tidying up. Just grab the balloons and return them to the bin. I used this activity to help me make a few meals this past week!

Happy Birthday Activity

Is your little one celebrating a birthday? This makes a great birthday activity or party activity for little ones of all ages!


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