Christmas Tree Writing Tray

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Writing trays are a great way for your little one to practice writing skills no matter their skill level. They are fun and engaging and simple to set up.

Check out this fun writing tray I did at Christmas time that my happy four year old loved!

Here’s how to set it up

Grab your supplies.

For the writing utensil I did not actually use a branch from our Christmas tree although that was an option. I would have selected a branch at the back of the tree where no one would have seen and used kitchen scissors to remove it. But I had several branches of a garland that I didn’t not use that worked perfectly.

I used one that was light enough for my little one to handle. I removed a few of the smaller branches from one end so that she had enough space to hold it.

I then poured out salt on to my baking sheet so that it covered it entirely.

I then grabbed our magnetic fridge letters and created a few CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words for my daughter to write.

My four year old is working on her short vowel words so we stuck to words like cat, hat and bat.

Salt Writing Tray

Salt writing trays are a great resource for practicing early writing skills. They are also great for those preschoolers that are not quite ready for a pencil and paper or are reluctant to practice writing. Have your little one write out the words (or letters) you create using the fridge magnetic letters.

Once they are done all they need to do is give the baking sheet a little shake to ‘erase’ the word or letter.

Writing Skills

For toddlers use this activity as a pre-writing activity and have them practice drawing lines in different directions.

For preschoolers and kindergartners use them to practice letter formation and sight words or they can also just draw pictures and have fun!


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  • Branch from your Christmas tree or garland
  • Salt
  • Fridge Magnetic letters
  • Banking sheet


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