Dinosaur Painted Hearts Craft

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Dinosaur painted hearts craft is a fun way to paint with toddlers this Valentine’s Day. It’s an great process art activity perfect for indoor play!

Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

My toddlers and I had a lot of fun with this one today. After playing in sensory bins all morning we had a quick snack break and then I asked them if they wanted to paint! I got a resounding yes so out came the dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

Painting with two toddlers is tricky so I like to keep things simple and easy. We always paint in a way that requires little assistance from me. That way I can focus on my attention on both and keep everyone happy.

Here’s what you’ll need make dinosaur painted hearts:


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  • Pink or Red Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper Plate
  • White and Red Washable Paint
  • Dinosaur Toys
Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

Dinosaur Hearts Craft Set Up

Fold your pink or red construction paper in half and use the scissors to cut out a large heart.

Painting with dinosaurs

Tape the heart to a surface using the masking tape. This will help to keep the heart in place while your little one stomps and paints on it with the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

Grab a paper plate and pour out a few daps of red and white paint. Don’t mix the paint just yet!

Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

Hand your toddler or preschooler a dinosaur and invite them to dip the dinosaurs’ feet into the paint and then stomp the dinosaur’s feet onto their heart!

Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

What to Talk About

My toddlers loved this! We made dinosaur noises as they stomped in the paint and on the hearts. I asked them what colours they were mixing and what colour red and white made as they mixed it with the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Painted Hearts crafts

We talked about the foot prints and tracks they made. My twins also put the dinosaurs’ faces into the paint and pretended they were eating the paint. If the dinosaurs’ tail got into the paint we talked about what that print looked like. We also talked about the number of tracks the dinosaurs made.

Painting with dinosaurs

This was a fun and easy painting activity for my 23 month old twins! They loved it so much they asked to do it again the next day!

Painting with dinosaurs is fun anytime of the year! Check out this process art activity that you can do with your toddler.

N and A are twins. They are 23 months old.


Painting with dinosaurs

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