DIY Easter Ten-Frame Game

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What is a Ten-Frame?

A ten-frame is a simple tool that allows young children to visualize numbers graphically.

Having a solid understanding of ten is necessary to doing mental calculations and understanding place-values later on.

Ten-frames allow kindergartners to be able to visualize that 7 is one more than 6 and one less than 8.

How to use a Ten-Frame?

To properly use a ten-frame start by counting out one counter in each frame. Start from the top left and move to the right until all five are filled. Then start on the next frame again adding counters left to right.

Here’s How to set up DIY Easter Ten -Frame Game

Grab your egg carton and cut off the last two sections so that you are left with ten sections or frames.

Grab five Easter eggs, open them up and place them in the egg carton. This will be the ten-frame your little one will work with.

Using Counters

Using counters to help your little one understand math is a very effective way to reinforce math concepts such as addition, subtraction and much more. At home you can turn almost anything into a counter. I like to use squeeze pouch caps as counters. You can also use small toys, blocks, pasta shells or cheerios.

UNO Card Set Up

Pull out your UNO cards and make pairs of numbers that add up to ten. Basically you are going to stack the deck here so that your child will pull from two decks and the numbers they pull will always add up to ten.

Have your little one flip them over and count out counters for each number and place them in the egg carton ten frame.

I used squeeze pouch caps as counters in this activity. My four year old counted out the number of caps to match the number on the UNO card and placed then in the egg carton ten-frame from left to right.

Colour Matching

Another way to help your little one with visualizing numbers is to use different colours for each number. For instance, if your child flips over a Green 5 and a Yellow 5. Have them count of five green counters and place them into the Easter eggs and then five yellow counters and place them into the Easter eggs.

Non-Easter Version

You don’t have to wait until Easter to do this great math activity with your kindergartner. This can be done anytime with just using the egg carton and skipping the Easter eggs!


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  • Egg carton
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Counters (Pom Poms or squeeze pouch caps or bear or whatever you have at home or in the classroom)
  • Scissors
  • UNO playing cards


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