Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

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Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity is a fun fine motor activity for toddlers & preschoolers. It makes a super easy way to use your plastic Easter eggs!

Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

Fine Motor Line Up Activities

Fine motor line up activities or tracing activities are super easy and activities to set up for kids. They also make great quiet time activities for kids. But even though I really love them, they aren’t for every kids. As a mother of twins I am acutely aware that not every activity will appeal to every kid. So I wanted to share this with you. I set this up with for my twins and one twin loved it and my other twin did the activity for 5 minutes and them started to stack the eggs instead.

Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

The Power of Setting Up Activities for Your Kids

I was totally fine with this. They were still working on important skills: fine motor and problem solving but they were engaging in a way that appealed to them. So if your toddler or preschooler doesn’t engage with this activity till the end that is ok. What I also find with is that even though they may only engage with the activity for 5 minutes, after they are done they will go and play independently for over an hour! THAT IS THE POWER OF ACTIVITIES!!

Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

Setting Up Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity
  1. Grab a large sheet of white paper (or Kraft paper) and draw the shape of an Easter egg. Draw different lines and dots to decorate the egg.
  2. Tape your egg down to the floor using painters tape.
Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

How to Play Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

Invite your toddler or preschooler to trace the lines of the Easter egg with the plastic Easter eggs. You can either break your eggs into two halves or keep them together and show your little one how to place them down on the line.

Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

Another Version of Easter Egg Line Tracing

Another way to set up this activity is to place painter’s tape on the floor to create a line that your little one can trace with the plastic eggs. Create straight lines and zig zag lines and have them trace them using the eggs.

Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

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Easter Egg Line Tracing Activity

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