50+ Creative DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

AHEAD: 50+ DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for kids!! Looking for fun and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs with your kids this year? Here is a huge list of the most amazing and beautiful ways to decorate Easter eggs. These ideas are great for kids of all ages from toddlers to tweens!

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Egg Decorating Fun for the Entire Family

Every year we decorate Easter eggs but we usually do the same old thing and use food coloring. This year I wanted to step it up a notch so I searched through Pinterest for the best ways to decorate using items I already had at home and the list that I came up with was too fantastic not to share. Seriously, there are so many ways to decorate an Easter egg other than using food colouring. I am floored by all the ideas in the post and I want to try them all!! You will too. Go through the list and let me know which one or ones you want to try with your kids this year!

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Egg Decorating Creativity

The best thing about these egg decorating ideas is that they a lot of them are themed based. If your little one is really into dinosaurs or super heroes you can find some non-permanent tattoos and have fun attaching those to your eggs. Also, egg decorating isn’t just for little kids. Many of these fun ideas are great for big kids too. Let them look through the list and find the decorating idea they want to do. Let them express through own creativity using sharpie pens or highlighters.

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DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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  8. Marker Dyed Easter eggs – Kimspried DIY

More Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

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  1. Cactus Easter eggs – Delia Creates
  2. Silk-Dyed Eggs {aka TIE-Dyed!} – Our Best Bites
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  5. Mosaic Easter eggs – Sugar and Charm
  6. DIY Moss Design Eggs – The Merry Thought
  7. Paint Splatter Eggs – Squirrely Minds
  8. DIY Sprinkle Eggs – Lets Mingle Blog

  1. Pointillism Easter Eggs – Brit Co.
  2. White Pen Decorated Easter eggs – Kaley Ann
  3. Rag Quilt Easter Egg Decorating – Mom Spark
  4. Silly Faces Easter eggs – A Subtle Revelry
  5. Confetti Decorated Easter eggs – Oh Joy
  6. Flower Dyed Easter Eggs – Freut Cake
  7. Highlighter Pen Easter eggs – Super Make It
  8. Volcano Egg Dyeing – Toddler Approved

Looking for more fun and easy Easter Activities? Check out these amazing ideas:


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