Fun and Engaging Activities for Your 9-Month-Olds

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It’s a world of wonder with your 9-month-old! In this post, we’ll explore a variety of fun and creative activities that are perfect for curious and active 9 month olds as they continue to reach exciting milestones in their development.

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Welcome to the exciting stage of your baby’s development at 9 months old! Your little one is growing rapidly and becoming more curious about the world around them. As a parent, you play a crucial role in supporting their developmental milestones and fostering their curiosity through fun and engaging activities. In this article, we’ll explore what 9-month-old babies can typically do and provide you with 20 creative and easy activities to do at home that will delight and stimulate your baby’s senses and motor skills.

What Can a 9-Month-Old Baby Do?

At 9 months old, your baby is becoming more mobile and developing their motor skills. They may be sitting independently, crawling, or attempting to pull themselves up to stand. They are also starting to explore objects with their fingers and grasp items using their whole hand (palmar grasp). Additionally, their language development is progressing, and they may be babbling or responding to familiar words and sounds. Your baby’s personality is also emerging as they become more social and interactive, seeking attention and expressing their preferences.

9-Month-Old Baby Milestones

  • Sitting independently for longer periods of time
  • Crawling or attempting to crawl
  • Pulling themselves up to stand with support
  • Transferring objects from one hand to another
  • Exploring objects with fingers and mouth
  • Responding to their name or familiar sounds
  • Babbling and imitating sounds
  • Showing preferences and developing a sense of likes and dislikes


14 Fun and Easy Activities for 9 Month Olds at Home

  1. Edible Sensory Play: Create an edible sensory experience for your baby by offering them different types of safe and soft foods such as cooked pasta, mashed fruits or vegetables, or yogurt. Let them explore the textures, colors, and tastes with their hands and mouths.
  2. Painting with Food: Set up a safe painting activity by using baby-safe paint or pureed fruits and vegetables on a large sheet of paper or a high chair tray. Let your baby use their hands, fingers, or a brush to explore and create their own edible artwork.
  3. Bubble Wrap Stomp: Lay out a piece of bubble wrap on the floor and encourage your baby to stomp on it, promoting their gross motor skills and sensory exploration.
  4. Sorting Fun: Give your baby a set of colorful objects such as blocks, balls, or soft toys, and provide containers with different shapes or sizes for them to sort and drop the objects into. This activity promotes their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.
  5. Sensory Bath Time: Make bath time a sensory experience by adding colorful bath toys, foam letters or shapes, or bubbles to the water. Let your baby explore the textures, colors, and sensations while having fun in the water.
  6. Water Play: Fill a shallow container with warm water and let your baby splash and play with their hands and toys. Add some bath toys or containers for pouring and scooping for extra fun and sensory stimulation.
  7. Musical Instruments: Introduce your baby to different musical instruments such as a mini keyboard, shaker, or drum, and let them experiment with making sounds and rhythms. This activity promotes their auditory development, fine motor skills, and creativity.
  8. Soft Obstacle Course: Create a soft and safe obstacle course using pillows, cushions, and soft toys for your baby to crawl or climb over. This activity promotes their gross motor skills, balance, and spatial awareness.
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More Activities for 9 Month Olds at Home

  1. Bubble Play: Blow bubbles and watch your baby’s excitement as they try to catch or pop them. This activity promotes their visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, and sensory exploration.
  2. Homemade Sensory Bags: Create sensory bags by filling resealable plastic bags with various materials such as water, hair gel, or sand, and adding small toys or objects for your baby to squish and explore with their fingers.
  3. Nature Walk: Take your baby for a leisurely walk in a park or your backyard, and point out different natural elements such as flowers, leaves, or insects. This activity promotes their visual and sensory development and encourages a connection with nature.
  4. Treasure Hunt: Hide small objects or toys around a safe area and encourage your baby to search for and discover them. This activity promotes their fine motor skills, visual tracking, and problem-solving skills.
  5. Soft Toy Tower: Build a tower using soft toys or plush blocks and encourage your baby to knock it down, promoting their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.
  6. Ball Roll: Sit facing your baby and gently roll a soft ball back and forth, encouraging them to reach for and grasp the ball, promoting their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Final Thoughts

As always, ensure that all materials used are safe and age-appropriate, and closely supervise your baby during these activities. Follow your baby’s cues and interests, and let their natural curiosity guide the play. Enjoy the precious moments of discovery and exploration with your 9-month-old baby! Happy parenting!

Disclaimer: Please consult with your pediatrician or healthcare provider before starting any new activities with your baby to ensure their safety and well-being. Always follow appropriate safety guidelines and age recommendations for toys and activities.

Age Suitability

These at home activities are good for babies aged 9-months-olds and up.

Mess Level

The mess level for these activities for 9-month-olds varies.

Difficulty to Create Activities for 9-Month-Olds


Skills Developed for Activities for 9-Month-Olds

Visual tracking, Body awareness, Reaching, grasping & eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills.

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