Giant Black History Month Word Search

INSIDE: Giant Black History Month Word Search is a great activity to do during Black History Month as a way to learn about the different key figures in Canadian or American history.

I first saw this amazing idea – giant word search activity on one of my favorite kids’ activities blog – Busy Toddler. My friend Susie created a giant word search for her son as a great literacy activity. I knew that I had to try it with my daughter. She loves word searches. I decided to first set it up last year during Black History Month as a way to introduce the names of important Black Canadians in history. She loved it. It ended up being such a great way to start the conversation about Black History. As she found the names of people I talked about their key roles in history and why we remember them.

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How to Make Giant Word Search for Black History Month

For this activity you’ll need a large roll of butcher paper. Cut off a large sheet and tape it up on the wall. Grab your sharpie and list of people you want your little one to focus on. I am Canadian so I wanted my daughter to learn about notable Black Canadians, but of course this activity can easily be modified to include any name you choose.

Write the names of the individuals in large letters first and them fill in the spaces with random letters. On a separate sheet write down the actual names you want them to find.

Who to Include in your Giant Word Search

Black History Month was created to highlight attention on the contributions of Black Americans to the United States. Its has since grown to other countries such as Canada, the UK and German. It focuses all Black people from all periods of history, from the enslaved people first stolen from Africa in the early 17th century to Black people living today.

Here are the names of just a few people you can include in your giant Black History Month word search:

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. Rosa Parks
  3. astronaut Mae Jemison
  4. Thurgood Marshall
  5. Harriet Tubman
  6. Shirley Chisholm
  7. Maya Angelou
  8. James Baldwin
  9. Muhammad Ali
  10. Jackie Robinson
  11. Langston Hughes
  12. George Washington Carver
  13. Barack Obama
  14. Inventor Garret Morgan,
  15. “Father of Black History” Carter G. Woodson, who lobbied extensively to establish Black History Month nationwide in the US.

Looking for note worthy Black Canadians? Here are a few names:

  1. Lincoln Alexander was a lawyer, member of parliament, cabinet minister 
  2. Marie-Joseph Angélique was a slave who was accused and convicted of starting a 1734 fire that destroyed 46 buildings in Montreal
  3. Viola Davis Desmond
  4. Rosemary Brown was a Canadian politician
  5. Mifflin Wistar Gibbs
  6. Senator Donald Oliver
  7. Sam Langford
  8. Mary Ann Shadd Cary was the first woman to become a publisher in Canada.
  9. Josiah Henson
  10. Fredericton-born Willie O’Ree was the first black player in the National Hockey League.
  11. Nova Scotia’s Carrie Best was a poet, writer, journalist and activist.
  12. John Ware was a former slave who settled in Alberta and gained recognition for his skill as a cowboy.
  13. Ferguson (Fergie) Arthur Jenkins is one of Canada’s most celebrated baseball players.
  14. Anne Cools was the first black person to become a Canadian senator. 

Ms. Z was 5.5 years old. This activity is ideal for kids 4 years +.

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