Monster Oobleck

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Oh my goodness we are having a real blast this year with all the Halloween activities out there and this one is another I just had to share.

It was inspired by many monster slime and monster play dough activities on Pinterest. My daughter is really into oobleck and we had just finished an Oobleck Spider Rescue so I still had the cornstarch in a baking dish. Instead of dumping it I decided to do another Halloween activity using it.

Here’s how to get started.

Making Oobleck

When I make oobleck (much like when I cook), I don’t follow an exact recipe. I generally add the corn starch and then slowly add water stirring it as I go until the consistency is goopy but not watery.

If your mixture is too watery add a bit more corn starch. If it’s a bit too stiff add a little more water. A good rule of thumb is 2 cornstarch to 1 water.

Monster Faces

To make the monster faces I placed googley eyes and monster googley eyes in colourful bowls.

Cut monster mouths (circles and smiles) out of black construction paper and also cut out small triangles and rectangles for monster teeth out of green, orange and purple foam sheets.

Then I let my four year old start creating monster faces in the oobleck.

The beauty of oobleck is that as she creates the monster faces she can still interact and explore the sensory aspect of the oobleck!

My happy kindergartener loved adding googley eyes and teeth and then scooping up the oobleck monsters in her hands!

This activity got pretty messy so I recommend putting a smock on your toddlers.

Clean Up

When oobleck dries it converts back into a powder state. So if any gets on the floor it’s best to leave it a while until it dries and then it will be easier to clean.

Same goes for disposing the entire mixture in the backing pan when your child done. Letting it dry and then disposing it in compost or garbage is best that way it won’t clog up your drains.

To clean off all the Halloween items I waited until the mixture dried and turned back into power and then dusted most of the cornstarch off into my compost before rinsing them off. I like to save my googley eyes but if you don’t want to save them then you can dispose of everything in the garbage.


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