New Years Bead Threading

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Here is an easy fine motor New Years activity that is sure to keep your little one busy on New Years Eve and New Years Day. It is also very easy to set up!

Here’s how to get started

You will need at least four pipe cleaners. Bend each one into the numbers of whatever year it will be. For instance we first did this activity at the end of 2018 going into 2019 so we made 2019.

For older kids, you can have them try to create the numbers out of the pipe cleaners. For instance, you can have your preschooler or kindergartner try to make a zero or one. Write the number out for them so they have a reference and then ask them to create that same shape with the pipe cleaner.

Next, set out your beads in a bowl for easy access. This is also a great opportunity to talk about colors for toddlers and preschoolers.

Next, twist one end of pipe cleaners so that as your little one threads the beads they don’t fall off. Then have your little one thread the beads along the pipe cleaners for each number of the year.

Once they complete a number leave a little room at the end so that you can twist the end and prevent the beads from sliding off. Close the number and reshape it if necessary.

My happy four year old enjoyed creating patterns while threading the beads.

Great Fine Motor Activity

This is a fantastic fine motor skill activity as well as being a great quiet time activity. Great for keeping little hands busy during the winter break.

Happy New Year! 


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2 comments on “New Years Bead Threading”

  1. Any suggestion on where beads for this craft can be found? I would use a link to purchase if you have one…

    1. Avatar photo

      I will update the post to include one. But in the meantime you can get some at any craft store or even dollar store.