Pooping Easter Bunny Pom Pom Drop

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Pooping bunny pom pom drop is a hilarious twist on the classic Pom Pom activity for toddlers. Save those toilet paper rolls for this fun busy toddler activity.

easter bunny Pom Pom drop

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Pom Pom drop activities are a classic toddler activity and if you haven’t set one up for your toddler you should! It’s hard to make a great activity better but I’m an activity mom blogger so I am going to try. The giggles from the son while he did this activity let me know that I succeed.

I mean really how can any activity that has a pooping animal not be fun!

easter bunny Pom Pom drop

How to set up Pooping Easter Bunny Pom Pom Drop

There are three ways you can set up this activity.

You can create the epic bunny ears that I started out with as shown by the pictures below where I used eight paper towel rolls.

easter bunny Pom Pom drop

Or you can create bunny ears using four paper towel rolls.

The last and easiest option is to create bunny ears using two paper towel rolls, as shown below.

easter bunny Pom Pom drop

I didn’t have white paper towel rolls so I wrapped them in white printer paper.

To create the pooping apparatus that will go behind the bunny’s body, I used regular paper towel rolls and then cut a paper towel roll in half and taped it into under all the of rolls that will go under the bunny’s body.

You want the Pom Pom to roll out right were the bunny’s tail ends so that it appears like the bunny is pooping! So angle the cut paper towel roll down so that the Pom Pom rolls down out of the tubes.

easter bunny Pom Pom drop

To recreate this for your toddler use the photo as a guide. If you are using only two paper towel rolls for ears you will need only two paper towel roll under the body.

To create the bunny’s body, to taped two paper plates together and used a sharpie to draw the face on the bunny. Tape it to the bottom of the bunny ears and over top of the pooping apparatus (as pictured). You many have to adjust the cut paper towel roll to ensure that it is angled correctly so the when the Pom Pom drops it appears as if the bunny is pooping. When you have achieved that you are ready to go!

Total Hit

My son absolutely loved this activity, in no small part because I would say ‘poop’ every time a Pom Pom popped out of the bunny’s butt! A definitely favourite!

easter bunny Pom Pom drop


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  • Pom Poms
  • 12-5 paper towel rolls
  • Masking tape
  • 2 paper plates
  • Googley eyes
  • Black sharpies
  • Pink marker
  • Scissors
  • Easter Basket (optional)


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