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Do you feed your baby or toddler squeeze pouches? If your answer is, of course! then save a few of those squeeze pouch caps for a fun baby and toddler activity that you can set up in seconds!

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Here’s how to get started!

Grab your cardboard tubes and tape them to almost anywhere in your house. I taped mine to a window just off my kitchen. You could also tape it to a kitchen cabinets, fridge, wall or baby gate.

For toddlers and walking babies tape the tube at standing height. For sitting babes tape it so they can drop the caps while seated.

Great Busy Activity

For my 13 month son this was a great busy baby activity! He loved dropping the caps down the tubes! The best part of this activity is the sound the caps make with them hit the floor.

We did this on a marble floor so the caps made a great clapping sound as the hit the floor. If you are doing this activity on carpet put a plastic or metal bowl under the tube to catch the caps and so that your little one can hear the noise as well!

Different Versions

So I was only able to do this activity with my son because his twin sister, who is getting over a cold, was still napping. That allowed me to give him more one-on-one attention than usual so we did several versions of this activity.

We used an empty yogurt container and a tall metal watering can. He enjoyed both but really loved the watering can. It made a great plinking sound when he dropped the caps down that he got a real kick out of!

Fine Motor Practice

Cap Drop is not only a great way to keep babies and toddlers busy, it is also a great way for them to strengthen their fine motor muscles as well their hand-eye coordination.


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