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Summer is the time to bring out all the water and ice activities that you have been saving.


You can doing them outside so there is much less mess to clean up and playing with water and ice is a great way to beat the summer heat.

We have done many activities using squeeze food pouch caps. Check out some of the most popular activities like:

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Squeeze Pouch Lid Patterns

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Frozen Caps:


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Making Frozen Caps

Place the caps in ice cube trays. The caps are the perfect size to freeze in typical ice cube trays.


In the large cube tray I placed two in each. Place the trays in the freezer over night.

Playing with Frozen Caps

Other than playing with Frozen Caps in a sensory bin you can play with them in your water table.


When setting up a sensory bin, there are also are lots of ways that you can play with Frozen Caps. You could do a STEM sensory bin, where your little one explores different ways to melt the caps, including using salt and warm water with a variety of fine motor tools.


You could do a colour sorting sensory bin where you little one melts the caps and then sorts them into colouful bowls.


Another idea is to set up a kitchen sensory bin similar to Caps Kitchen but with frozen caps. And your little one could melt the caps and then pretend to prepare a meal.



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