Squeeze Pouch Lid Patterns

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Learning to create patterns is an early math skill and a crucial first step to learning more advanced math.


The good news is that teaching patterns can be very easy to do and you can start at any age.

Noticing Patterns

You can start by simply noticing patterns in their daily lives, “Did you notice the pattern on your hat? The dots are blue and white, blue and white!”. Or by noticing patterns outside while you are going for a walk. “Look there’s a tree now a light post, now a tree again and a light post!”.

Making Patterns


Next, you can start making patterns using toys while you are playing on the floor.

But take opportunities to make patterns wherever you are.

We made these pattern this fall while taking the leaves.

You can make patterns using finger paint.


Or you can make patterns using rainbow blocks.

Using Coloured Manipulatives

A great and inexpensive coloured manipulative to use with toddlers and preschoolers are squeeze pouch caps.

They come in all colours of the rainbow and are the perfect size for toddler and preschooler hands.

You can create patterns with them by lining them up or you can stack them.

In this activity I created these simple small pattern cards using card stock. Start a pattern in the first four squares and then leave the last four squares blank so that the child can continue the pattern on their own.

First go over the colours.

Then have her create the pattern pictured and continue it.

This activity is also great for developing fine motor skills. Stacking the caps on top of each other also works hand eye coordination.

Other Activities using Squeeze Pouch Caps

Looking for other ways to use your squeeze pouch caps? Check out these other great activities:



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