50+ Spring Crafts for Kids

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Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

The snow is melting and the air is starting to get warmer, it means that springtime is coming. Its the perfect time to create some beautiful spring crafts for kids! Check out all these wonderful arts and crafts projects for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and older kids! From bug hotels, to bicycle crafts to flowers and more!

Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year to get crafty. There are so many different creatures and natural items to get inspiration from. There are beautiful spring flowers, bugs, birds and animals that your child can recreate! Not only that there is the ever changing weather that your little once turn into art. My favourite are rainbows and rain clouds!

This collection of spring crafts has tons of fun and unique and easy ideas to make with kids of all ages. There are ideas perfect for even your youngest artist, toddlers and preschoolers. There are ideas that your kindergartener will also love to make and there are projects perfect for grade school kids as well.


Easy Spring Arts & Crafts for Kids

Looking for a specific spring theme? Check out these ideas:

Dandelion Snail Threading Board

Dandelion Snail Threading Board is great outdoor fine motor activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners! This is perfect for spring or summer days when your lawn or park are covered in dandelions! 

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Dandelion Turtle Craft

Are you looking for a fun and creative craft to do with your kids? Look no further than the dandelion turtle!

Cupcake Liner Flower Craft

Cupcake Liner Flower Craft is a beautiful and creative craft for kids of all ages. My kids absolutely loved this one and we spend an entire morning being crafty making flowers!

Coffee Filter Flowers

Get ready to add some color and cheer to your home with an exciting coffee filter flower craft for kids!

Dandelion Fish Craft

If you’re looking for a fun and unique craft project to do with your kids, why not try making a dandelion fish? 

Easy Foil Printed Tulip Craft for Spring

Foil Printed Tulip Craft for Spring is an easy but very fun craft for spring! This exciting sensory craft is great for your toddlers and preschoolers. Create textured and unique tulips using my free tulip template and aluminum foil!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Milk Experiment Flowers: Easy STEAM Craft for Spring

Milk experiment flowers crafts are a fun and educational way to teach kids about science and art. Perfect for Mother’s Day or Spring!

Cardboard Tube Flowers: Easy Spring Craft for Kids

Crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained this spring, and cardboard tube flowers are an excellent choice!

Pinwheel Craft for Kids

We felt the wind of creativity with our Pinwheel Craft for Kids, turning paper, pins, and straws into spinning wonders that catch every breeze. This craft is not just a fun way to engage with the principles of wind and motion, but it also adds a burst of color and energy to any garden or windowsill, perfect for those sunny spring days that beckon us outside.

100+ Fun & Easy Kids Crafts: Craft Ideas Kids Will Enjoy

Bug Hotel Craft

A bug hotel is part garden craft and part winter home for insects and bugs! Create one today with your kids with this fun and easy bug hotel craft for kids and help the bugs in your garden stay warm and safe this winter so that they cab flourish in the spring!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Scrunched Tissue Paper Bee Craft

Buzzzzzzzz.. Spring is in the air! Create this adorable scrunched paper bee craft to celebrate with your toddler or preschooler!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Windsock Bee Craft

An easy cardboard tube bee windsock craft is the perfect spring craft for your toddler or preschooler!

Make A Bee Hotel with Kids

By creating a bee house craft, you can help provide a safe and comfortable home for these important pollinators in your own backyard.

Torn Paper Bee Craft

We are buzzing about bees! In springtime, bees are a lot of fun for kids to learn about. Incorporate this easy torn paper bee craft for a great fine motor craft!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Wrist Bird Craft for Kids

You can’t go wrong creating a colorful wrist bird craft with your kids with spring or anytime of the year! This is a great idea to set up during a spring, animal or bird unit!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Jumping Frog Craft

What better way to create memories with your kids than this super cute jumping frog craft for kids! 

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Coffee Filter Frog Craft

Our crafting adventure took a leap into the world of amphibians with the Coffee Filter Frog Craft, transforming ordinary coffee filters into colorful, hopping frogs. This imaginative project is a wonderful way to explore color blending and absorption, all while creating a playful frog that’s as fun to make as it is to play with.

Make Your Own Nature Paint Brushes for Kids

Making your own DIY nature paint brushes is a fun and unique way to create art while also getting outside and exploring the world around you.

How to Make Seed Bombs for Kids

Seed bombs are a fun and eco-friendly way to teach children about the importance of caring for the environment and promoting biodiversity.

Glowing Firefly Craft

Our adventure into recycling and crafting merged beautifully with the Glowing Firefly Craft, using old water bottles to create enchanting fireflies that light up the night. This project is a brilliant way to teach the importance of recycling, showing how something as simple as a discarded bottle can be transformed into a magical, glowing creature that sparks wonder and imagination in the dark.

Paper Plate Caterpillar

Our crafting journey continued as we transformed simple paper plates into a colorful Paper Plate Caterpillar, stringing together segments with vibrant paints and cheerful decorations. This craft not only captures the essence of transformation and growth but also encourages kids to practice sequencing and color recognition, all while crafting a friendly caterpillar that’s sure to spark smiles and stories.

Sock Caterpillar Craft for Kids

This easy sock caterpillar craft for kids is a fun and simple craft for preschoolers and kids of all ages to make in spring or when learning about caterpillars.

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Eggshell Caterpillar Garden: STEAM Craft for Kids

We dove into the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) with our Eggshell Caterpillar Garden, a craft that turns kitchen scraps into a lesson on growth and recycling. This engaging activity invites kids to explore the life cycle of plants in a hands-on way, using eggshells as tiny pots for sprouting seeds, all while crafting adorable caterpillar guardians for their burgeoning garden.

3D Butterfly Craft

This 3D butterfly craft is easy for kids to create and looks wonderful displayed at school or home. Perfect for the spring or summer.

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Sock Newt Craft

The Sock Newt Craft slithered its way into our crafting session, transforming an ordinary sock into an extraordinary newt with just a few simple supplies. This project is a whimsical way to repurpose old socks, encouraging kids to think creatively about materials and inspiring them to see the potential for transformation in everyday objects.

Bubble Wrap Sheep Craft

This adorable lamb craft is fun and easy to make. All you need is bubble wrap and paint and an eager toddler or preschooler! A great spring craft!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Rocking Ladybug Craft for Spring

Rocking Ladybug Craft is an adorable paper plate craft for toddlers and preschooler to do this Spring Day. Create these beautiful ladybug that moves using dot makers!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Cardboard Bicycle Craft for Kids

Cardboard bicycle craft is a fun and easy craft for preschoolers and kindergartners. Create your very own bicycle craft you can take for a spin!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Cotton Ball Flower Painting for Spring

Cotton Ball Flower Painting is a great art activity for Spring! Create and decorate cotton ball flowers with your toddlers and preschoolers!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Tissue Paper Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

Rainbows are one of my favourite things to make! And with this stunning tissue paper rainbow suncatcher, they will be your favourite too! Super easy to make and great for spring!

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids: Ideas for All Ages

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Craft for Kids

Rainbows, rainbow and more rainbow! Check out this fun pipe cleaner rainbow craft for an amazing fine motor craft and activity in one!

Easy Nature Butterfly Sticky Wall Craft

Create a beautiful butterfly craft using items found in nature! This nature butterfly sticky wall craft is a fun and easy summer and spring craft for kids!

Super Easy Paper Plate Cloud Rainbow Craft

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft is an adorable rainbow craft for toddlers and preschoolers! A fun colour matching and fine motor craft for Spring! This craft is also makes a great craft to make for St. Patrick’s Day.

Easy Paper Ladybug Craft

This easy Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids is an adorable craft for kids to make this spring. This ladybug is super easy to make for any toddler or preschooler and would make a great addition to any bug sponge preschool or toddler unit!

Puffy Paint Rainbow Craft

Puffy Paint Rainbow Craft is a fun and easy spring time rainbow craft for toddlers and preschoolers! Make a fluffy looking cloud with puffy paint!

Sensory Rice Rainbow Craft

Sensory Rice Rainbow Craft is a fun sensory rice craft to create for spring. This easy and colourful craft is great for your toddlers and preschoolers. Create a rainbow using coloured rice!! 

Sponge Painted Cherry Blossom Craft

Sponge Painted Cherry craft is an easy and fun painting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Create a beautiful cherry blossom tree to celebrate the start of Spring!

Easy Giant Cardboard Bird Craft

This Giant Cardboard Bird Craft is a fun and easy art activity for kids! Create a giant colourful bird out of cardboard!

Washi Tape & Watercolours Butterfly Craft

Washi Tape Butterfly craft is a fun and creative activity for toddlers and preschoolers. It uses two of my favourite crafting supplies – washi tape and watercolours!

Torn Paper Rain Boot Craft

Torn paper rain boot craft is great Spring toddler and preschooler activity. This simple craft is a great way to keep your little one busy indoors and strengthen their fine motor muscles!

Paper Plate Umbrella Craft

Paper plate umbrella craft is simple toddler craft for spring! It’s a great way to entertain toddlers or preschoolers indoors on a rainy day!

Rainbow Sun Catcher Craft

This rainbow sun catcher craft is a wonder contact paper craft for kids of all ages! Create textured rainbow art that is beautiful for St. Patrick’s Day or Spring!

Potato Masher Caterpillar Craft

Spring is the best time to make a caterpillar craft! Whether for an insect unit, an activity to accompany the Very Hungry Caterpillar or just for fun at home or school this fun and easy potato masher craft to is a great way to celebrate spring.

Potato Masher Ladybug Craft

Along with the coming of spring come the insects. Little creepy crawlers that lay appear the first few warm days! Here is a fun craft to make cute ladybugs using a my favorite kitchen utensil to paint with – the potato masher.

Potato Masher Bee Craft

As we slowly creep towards warmer and warmer temperatures the  insects of spring and summer are starting to appear. We get are fair share in our backyard so to celebrate their arrival we decided to do this fun craft and make cute bumblebees using a my favorite kitchen utensil to paint with – potato masher.

Potato Masher Chick Craft

In this fun spring craft you only need a few crafts supplies like paint and construction paper and a potato masher.

Potato Masher Sheep Craft

Just a few more weeks until spring but we are in full Spring craft mode in our house while we make these adorable potato masher sheep craft!

Easy Glue Resist Rainbow Painting

This glue resist rainbow painting art activity is super fun and easy for toddlers and preschoolers! It makes a great spring activity and a wonderful way to learn and practice the colours of the rainbow! Plus the resulting art looks amazing!

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Tissue Paper Chick Craft is an adorable craft for toddlers and preschoolers. This fun and easy craft is a wonderful activity to do for Spring or Easter!

Easy Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Kids

This beautiful coffee filter butterfly craft is the perfect indoor craft activity for a sponge day! Create unique butterfly wings with markers and water using a coffee household item – coffee filters! This is a great craft toddlers and preschoolers!

Bubble Print Butterfly Craft

Bubble Print Butterfly Craft is an easy craft for toddlers and preschoolers using a super fun painting method – bubbles! This makes a great outdoor activity in the summer!

Gems and Watercolour Flower Painting

Create a beautiful multi-media watercolour painting project with your little one using gems and watercolours. And the best part is that it’s something they can do one their own!!

Looking for More Spring Crafts & Activities? Check out these useful resources:

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