50+ Spring Activities For Kids

Looking to do some fun and new activities with your toddler or preschooler this Spring? Then this is the list for you!

The snow is melting. The birds are singing and the sun feels warm on your face. Spring is here! Although you may want to get outside, rainy days and cold weather may make that impossible but these ideas will surely let you enjoy all the spring has to offer!

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The Best Sensory Bin and STEAM Books

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things to do this spring with kids

This list of fun spring activities includes everything from learning activities to fine and gross motor and arts & crafts. The activities are fun for kids of all ages. The learning activities can be modified for toddlers, preschoolers or older children. The arts and crafts are fun for all ages!

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things to do this spring with kids

Books About Spring

To introduce the Spring theme to your toddler or preschooler I like to use books! Here is great selection of books about spring.

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How to use the List of Spring Activities and Crafts

To help you get the most out of our list I have it organized into 3 easy sections:

  • 25+ Spring Sensory Bins, Bottles and Bags
  • 10+ Spring Activities
  • 15+ Spring Arts & Crafts

OK, are you ready to welcome in spring? I hope you will enjoy all of these amazing spring activities for kids from some amazing blogs!

25+ Spring Sensory Bins, Bottles & Bags for Kids

  1. Spring Bug Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Flour Frogs Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. Rock Garden Sensory Bin – The Picky Apple
  4. Spring Flower Sensory Bin – Days with Grey
  5. Spring Sensory Bin and Pouring Station – Mommy Evolution
  6. Muddy Puddle Shape Sensory Bag – Happy Toddler Playtime
  7. Dig and Plant Indoor Garden Sensory Bin – View from the Step Stool
  8. Jumbo Pasta Spring Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime for My Bored Toddler
  9. Planting Flowers Sensory Bin – Frugal Fun 4 Boys
  10. Bird Sensory Bin – FireFlies and Mudpies
  11. Pom Pom Seed Garden Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime
  12. Spring and Bugs Sensory Bin – Fun with Mama
  13. Tulip Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime
  14. Bugs in the Sensory Table – PreKinders
  15. Spring Sensory Bin for Toddlers – Happy Toddler Playtime
  16. Gardening Sensory Bin – Mama.Papa.Bubba
  17. Bird Seed Kitchen – Happy Toddler Playtime
  18. Nature Inspired Spring Sensory Bin – The Chaos and the Clutter
  19. Frog & Pond Habitat Sensory Bin – Life Over Cs
  20. Wiggly Worm Sensory Bin – Fantastic Fun and Learning
  21. Flower Ice Cube Sensory Play – The Craft Train
  22. Rubber Duck Pong Sensory Bag – Happy Toddler Playtime
  23. Flowers and Pom Poms Sensory Bins – My Bored Toddler
  24. Garden Sensory Bin – Mess for Less
  25. Garden Sensory Bottle – Happy Toddler Playtime
  26. Spring Garden Sensory Bin – 3 Princesses and 1 Dude
  27. Water Beads in Mud Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

9+ Spring Activities for Kids

  1. Cloudy Day Sticky Wall – Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Cotton Ball Flower Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. Letter Matching Garden – Simply Learning Kids
  4. Spring Flower Fine Motor Activity – Happy Toddler Playtime
  5. Sticky Flower Garden Sensory Art for Kids – Fantastic Fun and Learning
  6. Squish the Bug Gross Motor Activity – Happy Toddler Playtime
  7. Feed the Caterpillar Pom Pom Drop – Happy Toddler Playtime
  8. Ball Bug Tennis: Indoor Gross Motor Activity – Happy Toddler Playtime
  9. Seed Bombs Activity for Kids – The Inspiration Edit

25+ Spring Art & Crafts for Kids

  1. Potato Masher Ladybug Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. Spring Suncatchers – I Can Teach My Child
  4. Paper Plate Umbrella Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  5. Homemade Cardboard Bird Feeder – Happy Toddler Playtime
  6. Paper Plate Birds Nest Craft for Preschoolers – Natural Beach Living
  7. Easy Spring Trees using Q-Tips – Projects with Kids
  8. Torn Paper Rain Boot Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  9. Hammering Flowers Art – Taming Little Monsters
  10. Bubble Art Butterflies – Red Ted Art
  11. Mess Free Muddy Truck Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime
  12. Nature Suncatcher using Recycled Materials – Little Pine Learners
  13. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly – The Best Ideas for Kids
  14. Rocking Paper Plate Ladybug Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  15. Garden Nature Art – an outdoor process art activity for kids – The Craft Train
  16. Egg Carton Bug Craft – Fun with Mama
  17. Q-Tip Painted Tulips – Happy Toddler Playtime
  18. Potato Masher Chick Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  19. Caterpillar and Butterflies Craft – Kids Craft Room
  20. Washi Tape Butterfly Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  21. Yarn Wrapped Caterpillar and Butterflies Craft – Kids Craft Room
  22. Egg Carton Flowers – I Heart Arts and Crafts
  23. Paper Plate Snail Craft This n That with Oliva
  24. Sponge Painted Cherry Blossoms – Happy Toddler Playtime
  25. Paper Handprint Flower Bouquet – Kid Craft – Glued to My Craft
  26. Colourful Paper Bird Craft for Kids – I Heart Crafty Things


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