Flour Frogs Sensory Bin

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Flour frogs sensory bin is a simple sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers. Easy to set up and tons of fun this will entertain your toddler for longer than you think!

This was such as fun sensory bin for my twins! I honestly was amazed by how longs they enjoyed this simple activity. It was in no small part to the sensory bin filler – flour.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION: You should not ingest raw flour Adult supervision is required for this activity as your child should not ingest raw flour. Do not do this sensory bin if your child still puts things into their mouth. Wash their hands well with soap and water after this activity to remove all the raw flour.

Flour has such a unique and wonderful texture that is irresistible to toddlers and preschoolers. Even I had to dip my hands into this sensory bin as they played it was that fun!

Flour Frogs Sensory Bin

To start you don’t need a lot of flour for this to be fun. Instead of using a large sensory bin (the size I normally use, you can use a smaller container and use less flour).

Add the amount of flour you care comfortable using. Next I add rocks and greenery such as artificial succulents or fake or real leaves to create a habitat like environment. Again you don’t need a lot to make this fun. My twins still enjoyed this activity the next day with only the frogs.

Next, add your frogs! Now if you don’t have frogs no problem! You can add any small animals you have such as rubber ducks or LEGO animals. Remember use what you have and your kids will love it!

Finally, I added some small buckets and spoons for scooping and pouring the flour.

How to Play

At first my twins just put their hands into the flour and played with it for a while. Feeling how soft and light it was in their hands. As they played I described what they were doing and feeling using descriptive words.

When they started to get bored (after about 20 minutes) I asked them how do think the frogs would just into the flour. And then they started to jump the frogs into the flour from the edge of the sensory bin letting them fall with a big puff of flour each time. They absolutely loved this!

They played with this sensory bin for a few days!


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