Feed the Caterpillars: Pom Pom Drop

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Feed the caterpillar pom pom drop is a fun twist on the classic pom pom drop activity for toddlers. This is the BEST indoor activity for spring!

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Pom Pom drops are an amazing way to entertain toddlers. I wish I could hug the mom or teacher that come up with this fantastic and easy activity. This was perhaps one of the first activities I did with the original happy toddler and I quickly saw why it’s one of the best and easiest ways to entertain toddlers.

Pom Pom drop for toddlers

So why change something that is already pretty fantastic? Because I’m an activity mom and I love making great activities even better.

Just like adding water or ice to toys can make them more entertaining for toddlers adding googley eyes can make almost any activity more fun!

How to make your caterpillars

To make my coloured toilet paper caterpillars I used paint sticks. But if you don’t have paint sticks at home you can use paint or construction paper taped around the tubes or markers. I like using paint sticks because the colour is vibrant like paint and it dries quickly.

Pom Pom drop for toddlers

I don’t paint the entire tubes just the front part.

Then I attached the googley eyes to the top of the toilet paper tube. If you want you can also add a mouth to create more of a face.

Pom Pom drop for toddlers

Finally, attached your tubes to a wall or a kitchen cupboard or anywhere you want to entertain your child.

Grab your pom poms and let your toddler loose!

How to play Pom Pom drop

The goal of this activity is to colour sort. Grab a Pom Pom and place it down the correct Pom Pom caterpillar. My guys loved the caterpillars and couldn’t wait to start sorting.

Pom Pom drop for toddlers

My guys liked it when I gave each caterpillar a voice. After they drop a Pom Pom down I would pretend that they are had just eaten the Pom Pom. Then I pretended to be another caterpillar and asked them to feed it a certain colour Pom Pom. They loved this game.

Get creative with the caterpillars and incorporate pretend play games that your know your toddler or preschooler will love. This will make learning colours fun and easy for them. You can also incorporate counting into this activity by counting the Pom Poms as they feed the caterpillars.

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Pom Pom drop for toddlers
Pom Pom drop for toddlers

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