How to Start Doing Activities with Your Kids!

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I love my followers on Instagram!

Not only are they a positive bunch of people they also have such great ideas for blog posts! A follower recently asked me where I got all my supplies and then she said what she really needed was a “How to Start” post that outlined her activities shopping list!

And I was like YES that would be such a helpful resource. One place you can go to to find everything you need to get started doing all the fun ideas you see on Instagram and Pinterest. One post that will help you entertain your child for years from baby to toddler to preschooler and beyond!

Well wait no further the post has arrived. So without further ado lets get you going!

Scroll down to the end to see the Full Shopping List!

The Best Supplies are “Free”

I have some good news! The best supplies that you will need to start doing activities with your kids are FREE! Thats right you probably have a ton of them in your recycling box right now! Quick go check before your partner takes out the trash!!

Check out this post for all the things you should save: Top 9 Recyclable Items to Collect for Crafts and Activities.

Sensory Bins

Have you heard of Sensory Bin activities and how sensory activities are so important to the brain development of babies? Well, there is no such thing as a Sensory Bin. All it is a plastic storage container without a lid. You can get yours at Walmart or Target or Amazon.

I use a 41 Quart sensory bin. And the good thing about this size storage bin is that it can double as a storage bin (ya I know, crazy?!) after you are done doing activities storing all your other supplies!

So definitely get a Large Storage/Sensory Bin, 41 Quart.

Check out these great Sensory Bin round-ups!

21 Amazing Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers,

21 More Amazing Sensory Bins

21 Amazing Sensory Bins for Summer

Pom Poms

Pom Poms are the next thing you need. Wait to us them till your little one has stopped mouthing things. My twins are 12 months and I’m still waiting to use them!

Check out 50+ Pom Pom Crafts & Activities for a great list of crafts and activities you can do with Pom Poms:

Dot Stickers

I first was introduced to dot stickers by the amazing Susie from Busy Toddler she has soo many fabulous for Dot Stickers activities so definitely go check out her blog. But I promise you they will become your best friend.

And they aren’t just for toddlers and preschoolers. My 4.5 year old still loves doing activities using dot stickers.

Check out this fun dot sticker activities:

Rainbow Hearts

Candy Cane Patterns

Dot Sticker Snowflake


These are for you!! Oh Sharpies! How I love you so!! These are my best friend when trying to create simple and fun learning activities. Sure you could use your child’s markers but life is short so spoil yourself!!

Contact Paper

Here is another favorite material of mine that I use on a regular basis. Contact Paper or Con-Tact Paper is great for creative quick and easy activities for babies all the way up to kindergartners.

Check out these great ways to use
Contact Paper !

21 Amazing Sticky Wall Activities

Magnetic Wands

These Magnetic Wands are just the best! Think back to when you were a kid and how fun it was to play with magnets. Magnetic Wands can be used for so many fun activities or just exploring and experimenting around the house. They are a great tool for STEM learning and activities!

Check out these fun activities using Magnetic Wands:

Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt

Magnetic Tubes: An easy STEM Activity

Jingle Bell Magnetic Tubes

White Paper Roll

Having a White Paper Roll is essential to doing activities with my kids. It is a great resources to have just about any activity. I always make sure that I have a roll of Roll of White Paper handy. In fact, our craft table is always covered in white paper with crayons, paint and markers close by so that my kids cab create, draw or paint whenever they want!

IKEA Colourful Bowls

IKEA Colourful Bowls are super convenient to have when we are doing painting activities or any activity that requires lots of different parts. They are also great for colour sorting activities. IKEA Colourful Bowls are easy to clean, bright and colourful and make any activity more appealing to your little one!

Other Things You Don’t Need but Are Nice to Have

Other Things You’ll Need that You Already Have

Your Full Shopping List

(This list contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission. Please visit my disclosure policy for more information.)

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