Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt

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This was a super fun Easter egg activity we did today after school. It was simple to set up and lots of fun for my three year old! But not only was it fun it also provided lots opportunity for learning!


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Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


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Set Up

Place the crinkle shredded paper into the sensory bin and spread it out.


Into each Easter egg add a small magnet such as small circle fridge magnets or a few of the magnetic counting chips or a few Canadian coins. Make sure to add enough magnetic items into the egg so that the magnetic wands can pick it up easily.

Hide the Easter eggs in the sensory bin among the shredded paper.

Fun Fact

Canadian coins are the only coins that actually have real metal in them. So they can be used in this magnetic activity. No other country uses real metal in their coins. So collect those Canadian coins the next time you are travelling to Canada!

Hunting Time

Hand your toddler or preschooler a magnetic wand and let them hunt for all the eggs!


Once your child finds an egg have them break it open to see what is inside.

To make opening the eggs easier for small hands have them squeeze the egg slightly before trying to open it. If you are using brand new eggs, open them and close them a few times yourself before setting up the activity it will make it easier for them.


Once she opened up a few Easter eggs to reveal what was inside we started to sort the different items.

We sorted by colour, size and type. This is appropriate for preschoolers and older children. For toddlers only sorting by one factor at a time.

So Much Fun Learning

There was so much opportunity in this activity for learning! Not only did we sort we also counted different items. We made pairs and matched similar items. The possibility are endless and all depend on the magnetic items you use in the Easter eggs. Another great thing about this activity was the opportunities for language development!

The magnetic counting chips were the best. They allowed us to sort by colour as well do some counting. Such as how many of each colour was in a particular egg.



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7 comments on “Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Science teacher here. I’m afraid your “fun fact” is not factual. Nearly every country on the planet that still uses coinage makes them from “real metal,” but most metals are not magnetic! Iron is the most strongly magnetic metal, followed by nickel and cobalt. American nickels used to be made out of nickel, but now are mostly copper, thus only very weakly magnetic.

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